Genomes (2006, Volume 46)

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Hundreds of genomes have been completely sequenced in the past decade, significantly advancing our understanding of genome structure and function. Genomes comprises a collection of review articles reprinted from the 10th Anniversary Issue of the journal Genome Research that captures the status of genomic research in a selection of model species-from microbes to human.

Written by renowned leaders in the field of genomics, each chapter focuses on what has been learned from the genomes of a given kingdom, group, or species and offers a unique perspective on the history, the current status, and the future of genomic research efforts. A variety of topics are addressed, including gene regulatory networks in the fruit fly and the sea squirt, fungal genome evolution, mouse and rat mutagenesis, and the future of crop plant genomics. How livestock genomics informs human medicine, the importance of the dog genome in studying human disease, and the search for "humanness" through human and chimp genome comparisons are also presented in thoughtful discussions. In addition, updates on emerging technologies in DNA sequencing and in gene prediction, as well as direction to relevant public resources, are given.

This book serves as a valuable reference and teaching tool for established scientists in the genomics field and as a comprehensive overview for those with more general interests in biology.

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
Hillary E. Sussman, Maria A. Smit
Excerpt       PDF     (i-x)
1 Insights on Biology and Evolution from Microbial Genome Sequencing
Claire M. Fraser-Liggett
Excerpt       PDF     (1-17)
2 Changing Perspectives in Yeast Research Nearly a Decade after the Genome Sequence
Kara Dolinski, David Botstein
Excerpt       PDF     (19-39)
3 Genomics of the Fungal Kingdom: Insights into Eukaryotic Biology
James E. Galagan, Matthew R. Henn, Li-Jun Ma, Christina A. Cuomo, Bruce Birren
Excerpt       PDF     (41-69)
4 The Arabidopsis Genome: A Foundation for Plant Research
Michael Bevan, Sean Walsh
Excerpt       PDF     (71-96)
5 Grains of Knowledge: Genomics of Model Cereals
Andrew H. Paterson, Michael Freeling, Takuji Sasaki
Excerpt       PDF     (97-116)
6 Genomics in Caenorhabditis elegans: So Many Genes, Such a Little Worm
LaDeana W. Hillier, Alan Coulson, John I. Murray, Zhirong Bao, John E. Sulston, Robert H. Waterston
Excerpt       PDF     (117-141)
7 Drosophila melanogaster: A Case Study of a Model Genomic Sequence and Its Consequences
Michael Ashburner, Casey M. Bergman
Excerpt       PDF     (143-158)
8 Unraveling Genomic Regulatory Networks in the Simple Chordate, Ciona intestinalis
Weiyang Shi, Michael Levine, Brad Davidson
Excerpt       PDF     (159-175)
9 Fish Genomics and Biology
Hugues Roest Crollius, Jean Weissenbach
Excerpt       PDF     (177-197)
10 Xenomics
Enrique Amaya
Excerpt       PDF     (199-220)
11 Chicken Genome: Current Status and Future Opportunities
David W. Burt
Excerpt       PDF     (221-236)
12 Advances in Livestock Genomics: Opening the Barn Door
James E. Womack
Excerpt       PDF     (237-254)
13 The Canine Genome
Elaine A. Ostrander, Robert K. Wayne
Excerpt       PDF     (255-279)
14 Impact of Genomics on Research in the Rat
Jozef Lazar, Carol Moreno, Howard J. Jacob, Anne E. Kwitek
Excerpt       PDF     (281-311)
15 The Mouse Genome
Jean Louis Guénet
Excerpt       PDF     (313-343)
16 Genomics of the Future: Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci in the Mouse
Lorraine Flaherty, Bruce Herron, Derek Symula
Excerpt       PDF     (345-356)
17 Comparing the Human and Chimpanzee Genomes: Searching for Needles in a Haystack
Ajit Varki, Tasha K. Altheide
Excerpt       PDF     (357-393)
18 Structure and Function of the Human Genome
Peter F.R. Little
Excerpt       PDF     (395-412)
19 Emerging Technologies in DNA Sequencing
Michael L. Metzker
Excerpt       PDF     (413-438)
20 Genome Annotation Past, Present, and Future: How to Define an Open Reading Frame at Each Locus
Michael R. Brent
Excerpt       PDF     (439-463)
Excerpt       PDF     (465-475)