The Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Archive is the complete collection of scholarly monographs published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press from 1970 to 2009.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Archive

What is the Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Archive?
The Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Archive (CSH Monograph Archive) is the complete online collection of scholarly monographs published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press from 1970 to 2009. The archive's 59 full-text volumes provide the life science community with definitive reviews of progress in areas of molecular, cell, and developmental biology, genetics, evolutionary biology, neuroscience, cancer biology, and molecular pathology. Every volume is commissioned and written by foremost researchers in a particular subject area. The complete list of titles in the CSH Monograph Archive is available here

When will the archive be available?
The archive is online beginning September 2009.

How do I purchase the archive?
The complete archive is available to institutions as a single purchase with perpetual access. To purchase the archive, please click here. Archive purchase options include credit card or invoice. Individual monograph chapters are also available for purchase via credit card at the abstract page of any chapter. The cost for the complete archive is $3,000 USD, with discounts available, including those for previous purchasers of monograph volumes. Individual chapters are available for $15 each.

Can I purchase print books from the archive?
Monograph books that are currently in print are available for purchase from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press website.

What is the file format of the archive?
Archive chapters are in Adobe Reader Portable Document File (PDF) format, which is required to view, print, or save a chapter. Adobe Reader is freely available at the Adobe website.

How is online access administered?
Access to the CSH Monograph Archive is controlled via IP address. Chapters purchased individually from the website are delivered as downloadable PDF files.

Will access to the archive expire?
No, the one-time purchase includes perpetual access.

What are the archive's features and web tools?
The archive is searchable, browse-able, and offers direct links to author information and additional publications via PubMed and web search engines. Please see the user toolbox at the upper right corner of any archive web page to access these features.

What is the critical opinion of monograph volumes?
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press monographs are among the most renowned publications in their fields. Please see selected reviews for a sampling of opinions.

What is the ISBN for the archive?
ISBN 978-087969-941-3

Whom can I contact if I have additional questions about the archive?
For questions, to order, or to request more information please contact Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press: E-mail: Click here Call: 1-800-843-4388 (Toll-free in the continental US and Canada)

What is your return policy?
Purchasers of individual articles are assured satisfaction or their money will be refunded.

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Selected Reviews of Monographs in the Archive

Adult Neurogenesis
(CSH Monograph 52)
"The study of adult neurogenesis has grown exponentially over the past decade. New papers are being published almost daily, making any attempt to summarize the field a daunting task. Nevertheless, the editors and authors of Adult Neurogenesis have managed to assemble a comprehensive review of current research. Organized into seven sections that encompass 30 chapters covering topics ranging from the detection of adult-generated neurons to their possible role in neurological and psychiatric disease, the book provides a truly panoramic picture. The editors acknowledge that the volume presents only a 'snapshot' of the current field...but its comprehensive nature makes it a valuable collection of knowledge and ideas in this burgeoning area of neuroscience."
Nature Neuroscience

Molecular Biology of Aging
(CSH Monograph 51)
"This excellent book provides an overview of the state of the field. Many of the people who contributed to the transformation of the biology of aging came together to review this topic...This results in a very complete book on the biology of aging that should serve as an excellent resource for both researchers and students."
The Quarterly Review of Biology

The TGF-β Family
(CSH Monograph 50)
"I found The TGF-β Family a great book. Tables and illustrations will surely prove useful in guiding the reader through complex problems and the book can be certainly recommended for teaching purposes. The clarity and comprehensiveness of the monograph, the eminence of the editors and authors, and the extensive bibliography at the end of each chapter make this book a 'must-have' reference for established investigators and clinicians and for newcomers attracted to TGF-β from various fields."
Nature Cell Biology

Invertebrate Neurobiology
(CSH Monograph 49)
"[T]he book will be a useful source of information for researchers, as well as for teachers in preparing advanced level lectures. I recommend that every Neuroscientist ensures they have access to it."
The Journal of Experimental Biology

Translational Control in Biology and Medicine
(CSH Monograph 48)
"Even if you already have the previous edition of Translational Control (as I do), then that should not inhibit you from buying this new edition, it is not just an updated version of the previous editions. The editors have introduced a significant number of new topics, some of which (for example, microRNAs) were not yet on the radar in 2000. Where topics have been covered in the previous edition(s), they have succeeded in their stated aim of getting chapters that are 'stimulating, edifying and authoritative' and in several cases have used different authors to 'ring the changes'."
Genetical Research

DNA Replication and Human Disease
(CSH Monograph 47)
"...this book provides a broad and current synthesis of our understanding of genome duplication and it should be on the bookshelves of all students of DNA replication."
Nature Cell Biology

(CSH Monograph 46)
"This collection of 20 chapters was originally published in a 2005 issue of the journal Genome Research to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its inception. With contributions spanning a diverse array of organisms from microbes to humans, leaders in the field describe their work and its relevance to our understanding of the structure and function of genomes in what is now known as the 'postgenomic age.' ... As we embrace a future of databases of hundreds of genomes, this volume is an exemplary treatment of how biological questions in comparative genomics should be portrayed."
The Quarterly Review of Biology

Telomeres, Second Edition
(CSH Monograph 45)
"...a 'must have' for all telomere aficionados. The book will also be very valuable to undergraduates seeking advanced knowledge and to graduate students and other newcomers to the telomere field..."
Genetical Research

The Dog and Its Genome
(CSH Monograph 44)
"Researchers already have 'bibles' that define gene-based phenotypes suitable for interrogation by mouse, rat, fruitfly and human genetics. The Dog and Its Genome does the same for the canine genomics community."
Nature Cell Biology

The RNA World, Third Edition
(CSH Monograph 43)
"In summary, this comprehensive and stimulating compendium of reviews of RNA worlds past and present is an essential and enjoyable read for researchers and teachers with interests in the structure and function of nucleic acids and in gene expression. It is a recommended purchase for any research library as well as a wise buy for research groups working in related areas."
Microbiology Today

Cell Growth: Control of Cell Size
(CSH Monograph 42)
"Collectively, the different chapters cover a wide range of topics that will be of particular interest to cell, developmental and evolutionary biologists alike...The book's multi-disciplinary nature will make it an excellent reference for many scientists. Cell Growth, like many titles from the Cold Spring Harbor monograph series, should stand the test of time and serve as a solid foundation for this ever-expanding field."

Prion Biology and Diseases, Second Edition
(CSH Monograph 41)
"The book is comprehensive, authoritative, accessible and, for the most part, exciting to read. It will serve admirably as a standard of the new science of 'prionology' for scientists, physicians and students."
Nature Cell Biology

Stem Cell Biology
(CSH Monograph 40)
The editors have done an excellent job of recruiting distinguished authors, including veteran leaders in the field such as Brigid Hogan and Austin Smith, and younger stars such as Markus Grompe. As a result, the book is strong on credibility and perspective. Each chapter is consistently written in a way that is accessible to the non-specialist. This is therefore a very good book both for newcomers to stem-cell biology and for experts looking for new ideas by broadening their perspective... ."

Translational Control of Gene Expression
(CSH Monograph 39)
As you would expect from a Cold Spring Harbor Monograph, the volume is comprehensive, scholarly and as 'up-to-date' as this type of multi-author volume can hope to be..I can recommend this volume to individual specialists and institutional libraries, both of which will get a lot of good value for their money."
Microbiology Today

Prion Biology and Diseases
(CSH Monograph 38)
"... Prusiner has brought together an impressive amount of scientific data dealing with prions
(a word he coined)... This book is a must for anyone interested in the prion field. For those not familiar with the field, the book provides ample introduction. The book is an invaluable reference source combining clinical, epidemiological, genetic, and biochemical data. An exhaustive amount of material is presented dealing with everything from how to isolate prions to strategies for analyzing PrP structure. It contains detailed descriptions of the various human and animal prion diseases as well as a chapter on the fungal diseases."