Transcriptional Regulation 1 (1992, Volume 22A)

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The transcription of DNA into RNA lies at the heart of gene activation. It is a process tightly controlled by complex interactions between intracellular proteins and the DNA. This book is a landmark account of these controls, derived from the work of over 40 leading laboratories worldwide. It is intended as a definitive reference work for this evolving field.

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
Keith R. Yamamoto, Steven L. McKnight
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1 Transcriptional Regulation: Elegance in Design and Discovery
Charles Yanofsky
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2 Yeast RNA Polymerase Subunits and Genes
André Sentenac, Michel Riva, Pierre Thuriaux, Jean-Marie Buhler, Isabelle Treich, Christophe Carles, Michel Werner, Anny Ruet, Janine Huet, Carl Mann, Nuchanard Chiannilkulchai, Sophie Stettler, Sylvie Mariotte
Excerpt       PDF     (27-54)
3 RNA Polymerase II Subunits, Transcription Factors, and Kinases: Investigations in Drosophila melanogaster and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Arno L. Greenleaf
Excerpt       PDF     (55-80)
4 Carboxy-terminal Domain of the Largest Subunit of Eukaryotic RNA Polymerase II
Jeffry L. Corden, C. James Ingles
Excerpt       PDF     (81-107)
5 Phosphorylation of RNA Polymerase II as a Transcriptional Regulatory Mechanism
Michael E. Dahmus, William S. Dynan
Excerpt       PDF     (109-128)
6 Bacterial Sigma Factors
Carol A. Gross, Michael Lonetto, Richard Losick
Excerpt       PDF     (129-176)
7 Quantitative Aspects of the Transcription Cycle in Escherichia coli
Peter H. Von Hippel, Thomas D. Yager, Stanley C. Gill
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8 Protein-Protein Interactions as Critical Determinants of Regulated Initiation and Termination of Transcription
Jack Greenblatt
Excerpt       PDF     (203-226)
9 Initiation of Transcription by RNA Polymerase II
Stephen Buratowski, Phillip A. Sharp
Excerpt       PDF     (227-246)
10 RNA Polymerase III Transcription Complexes
E. Peter Geiduschek, George A. Kassavetis
Excerpt       PDF     (247-280)
11 Transcription of Vertebrate snRNA Genes and Related Genes
Nouria Hernandez
Excerpt       PDF     (281-313)
12 Regulation of Transcription by RNA Polymerase I
Ronald H. Reeder
Excerpt       PDF     (315-347)
13 Yeast RNA Polymerase II Transcription In Vitro: General Initiation Factors; Novel Mediator of Transcriptional Activation; Three-dimensional Structure of RNA Polymerase II
Roger D. Kornberg, Daniel I. Chasman, Seth A. Darst, Aled M. Edwards, William J. Feaver, Peter M. Flanagan, Opher Gileadi, N. Lynn Henry, Raymond J. Kelleher, Iii, Yang Li, Yahli Lorch, Neal F. Lue, Michael H. Sayre, Herbert Tschochner
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14 Escherichia coli Rho Factor: Protein and Enzyme of Transcription Termination
Terry Platt, John P. Richardson
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15 Antitermination and the Control of Transcription Elongation
Jeffrey Roberts
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16 Transcriptional Attenuation
Robert Landick, Charles L. Turnbough, Jr.
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17 Molecular Characteristics of the Regulatory Switch in Phages 434 and λ
Stephen C. Harrison
Excerpt       PDF     (449-473)
18 The Molecular Mechanism of trp Repression
Paul B. Sigler
Excerpt       PDF     (475-499)
19 Transcriptional Activation by Escherichia coli CAP Protein
Donald M. Crothers, Thomas A. Steitz
Excerpt       PDF     (501-534)
20 Transcriptional Regulation by Homeodomain Proteins: Structural, Functional, and Genetic Aspects
Kurt Wüthrich, Walter Gehring
Excerpt       PDF     (535-577)
21 Solution Structures of DNA-binding Domains of Eukaryotic Transcription Factors
Peter E. Wright
Excerpt       PDF     (579-597)
22 Predictions of the Occurrence and Structure of Metal-binding Domains in Gene Regulatory Proteins
Michael H. Schmidt, Jeremy M. Berg
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Author Index
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Subject Index
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