The RNA World (1993, Volume 24)

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Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
R.F. Gesteland, J.F. Atkins
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1 Prospects for Understanding the Origin of the RNA World
Gerald F. Joyce, Leslie E. Orgel
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2 Reading the Palimpsest: Contemporary Biochemical Data and the RNA World
Steven A. Benner, Mark A. Cohen, Gaston H. Gonnet, David B. Berkowitz, Kai P. Johnsson
Excerpt       PDF     (27-70)
3 Speculations on the Origin of Ribosomal Translocation
Robert Weiss, Joshua Cherry
Excerpt       PDF     (71-89)
4 Probing RNA Structure, Function, and History by Comparative Analysis
Carl R. Woese, Norman R. Pace
Excerpt       PDF     (91-117)
5 Ribosomes and the RNA World
Peter B. Moore
Excerpt       PDF     (119-135)
6 On the Origin of the Ribosome: Coevolution of Subdomains of tRNA and rRNA
Harry F. Noller
Excerpt       PDF     (137-156)
7 Transfer RNA: An RNA for All Seasons
Dieter Söll
Excerpt       PDF     (157-184)
8 Antibiotics and the RNA World: A Role for Low-molecular-weight Effectors in Biochemical Evolution?
Julian Davies, Uwe Von Ahsen, Renée Schroeder
Excerpt       PDF     (185-204)
9 An RNA-Amino Acid Affinity
Michael Yarus
Excerpt       PDF     (205-217)
10 Similarities and Differences between RNA and DNA Recognition by Proteins
Thomas A. Steitz
Excerpt       PDF     (219-237)
11 Structure and Mechanism of the Large Catalytic RNAs: Group I and Group II Introns and Ribonuclease P
Thomas R. Cech
Excerpt       PDF     (239-269)
12 Divalent Metal Ions in RNA Folding and Catalysis
Tao Pan, David M. Long, Olke C. Uhlenbeck
Excerpt       PDF     (271-302)
13 Splicing of Precursors to mRNA by the Spliceosome
Melissa J. Moore, Charles C. Query, Phillip A. Sharp
Excerpt       PDF     (303-357)
14 The Diverse World of Small Ribonucleoproteins
Susan J. Baserga, Joan A. Steitz
Excerpt       PDF     (359-381)
15 RNA Editing: New Uses for Old Players in the RNA World
Brenda L. Bass
Excerpt       PDF     (383-418)
16 Evolution of Functional Structures of RNA
Jun-ichi Tomizawa
Excerpt       PDF     (419-445)
17 Thermodynamic Considerations for Evolution by RNA
Douglas H. Turner, Philip C. Bevilacqua
Excerpt       PDF     (447-464)
18 RNA Structural Elements and RNA Function
Jacqueline R. Wyatt, Ignacio Tinoco, Jr.
Excerpt       PDF     (465-496)
19 RNA: The Shape of Things to Come
Larry Gold, Pat Allen, Jon Binkley, David Brown, Dan Schneider, Sean R. Eddy, Craig Tuerk, Louis Green, Sheela Macdougal, Diane Tasset
Excerpt       PDF     (497-509)
20 In Vitro Selection of Functional RNA Sequences
Jack W. Szostak, Andrew D. Ellington
Excerpt       PDF     (511-533)
21 Contemporary RNA Genomes
John F. Atkins
Excerpt       PDF     (535-556)
22 Telomerase
Elizabeth H. Blackburn
Excerpt       PDF     (557-576)
23 The Genomic Tag Hypothesis: Modern Viruses as Molecular Fossils of Ancient Strategies for Genomic Replication
Nancy Maizels, Alan M. Weiner
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APPENDIX 1: Structures of Base Pairs Involving at Least Two Hydrogen Bonds
Ignacio Tinoco, Jr.
Excerpt       PDF     (603-607)
APPENDIX 2: RNA Pseudoknots
Cornelis W.A. Pleij
Excerpt       PDF     (609-613)
APPENDIX 3: Stereo Pairs of RNA Fragments
Ignacio Tinoco, Jr.
Excerpt       PDF     (615-619)
Excerpt       PDF     (621-630)