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APPENDIX 2 Neurotransmitter Assignments for Specific Neurons

James B. Rand, Michael L. Nonet


The putative neurotransmitter for many neurons is indicated in the table on the following pages; most assignments are likely but not absolutely certain. Some assignments have not been verified for all developmental stages, and the listing of male-specific neurons or male-specific staining is not complete. Some neurons may contain and/or use more than one transmitter. Not listed are approximately 20 not yet identified putative cholinergic neurons (J. Duerr, pers. comm.). In addition, neuropeptide-like immunoreactivities have been observed in a wide variety of neurons both in Ascaris (Sithigorngul et al. 1990Sithigorngul et al. 1996; Cowden et al. 1993) and in C. elegans (Schinkmann and Li 1992).

TransmitteraCellbCriteriacCommentsReferencesAChALN(2)2J. Duerr (pers. comm.)AS(11)2,3,4Stretton et al. (1978); Johnson and Stretton (1985); J. Duerr (pers. comm.)CA(4)4maleC. Johnson (pers. comm.)DA(9)2,3,4Stretton et al. (1978); Johnson and Stretton (1985); J. Duerr (pers. comm.)DB(7)2,3,4Stretton et al. (1978); Johnson and Stretton (1985); J. Duerr (pers. comm.)HSN(2)2,5staining weak and variable; reduction of ACh synthesis does not functionWeinshenker et al. (1995); J. Duerr (pers. comm.)M12J. Duerr (pers. comm.)M2(2)2J. Duerr (pers. comm.)M42staining variable; reduction of ACh synthesis does not functionJ. Duerr; L. Avery (both pers. comm.)M52J. Duerr (pers. comm.)MC3,5staining weak or nonexistentRaizen et al. (1995); J. Duerr (pers. comm.)PLN(2)2J. Duerr (pers. comm.)SAA(4)2J. Duerr (pers. comm.)SAB(3)2J....

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