C. elegans II (1997, Volume 33)

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"As the advertising stresses, C. elegans II is not a second edition. The chapters are more focused and comprehensive than those found in its predecessor [the 1988 monograph, The Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans]. Also, such is the growth of the field that many of the topics originally covered by single chapters are here subdivided into several chapters. For example, the material in the single chapter 'The Nervous System' in the worm book occupies six chapters in C. elegans II. Many new chapters have been included which deal with topics that were accorded only a few lines in the original, such as lifespan and ageing, nematode evolution and the relationship of C. elegans to parasitic nematodes. I was very impressed with the breadth of material covered and the way this was achieved without sacrificing attention to detail....

Who should read C. elegans II? Anyone who works in the field will find it invaluable as a single concise source of information. For the same reasons anyone teaching cell biology from an organismal perspective should find it very useful. In the preface, Bruce Alberts says 'We have come to realise in recent years that the basic molecules that make life possible are nearly the same in all cells.' As with all model systems, a great deal of what is learned from C. elegans is likely to be applicable to other organisms. Therefore, anyone with an interest in cell and developmental biology, regardless of their area of specialisation, would benefit from reading C. elegans II."

-Trends in Cell Biology

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
Bruce Alberts
Excerpt       PDF     (i-xvii)
1 Introduction to C. elegans
Donald L. Riddle, Thomas Blumenthal, Barbara J. Meyer, James R. Priess
Excerpt       PDF     (1-22)
2 The Genome
Robert H. Waterston, John E. Sulston, Alan R. Coulson
Excerpt       PDF     (23-45)
3 Chromosome Organization, Mitosis, and Meiosis
Donna G. Albertson, Ann M. Rose, Anne M. Villeneuve
Excerpt       PDF     (47-78)
4 Mutation
Robert C. Johnsen, David L. Baillie
Excerpt       PDF     (79-95)
5 Transposons
Ronald H.A. Plasterk, Henri G.A.M. van Luenen
Excerpt       PDF     (97-116)
6 RNA Processing and Gene Structure
Thomas Blumenthal, Keith Steward
Excerpt       PDF     (117-145)
7 Transcription Factors and Transcriptional Regulation
James D. McGhee, Michael W. Krause
Excerpt       PDF     (147-184)
8 mRNA and Translation
Philip Anderson, Judith Kimble
Excerpt       PDF     (185-208)
9 Sex Determination and X Chromosome Dosage Compensation
Barbara J. Meyer
Excerpt       PDF     (209-240)
10 Developmental Genetics of the Germ Line
Tim Schedl
Excerpt       PDF     (241-269)
11 Spermatogenesis
Steven W. L’hernault
Excerpt       PDF     (271-294)
12 Male Development and Mating Behavior
Scott W. Emmons, Paul W. Sternberg
Excerpt       PDF     (295-334)
13 Fertilization and Establishment of Polarity in the Embryo
Kenneth J. Kemphues, Susan Strome
Excerpt       PDF     (335-359)
14 Specification of Cell Fates in the Early Embryo
Ralf Schnabel, James R. Priess
Excerpt       PDF     (361-382)
15 Cell Death
Michael O. Hengartner
Excerpt       PDF     (383-415)
16 Muscle: Structure, Function, and Development
Donald G. Moerman, Andrew Fire
Excerpt       PDF     (417-470)
17 Extracellular Matrix
James M. Kramer
Excerpt       PDF     (471-500)
18 Heterochronic Genes
Victor Ambros
Excerpt       PDF     (501-518)
19 Development of the Vulva
Iva Greenwald
Excerpt       PDF     (519-541)
20 Patterning the Nervous System
Gary Ruvkun
Excerpt       PDF     (543-581)
21 Cell and Growth Cone Migrations
Adam Antebi, Carolyn R. Norris, Edward M. Hedgecock, Gian Garriga
Excerpt       PDF     (583-609)
22 Synaptic Transmission
James B. Rand, Michael L. Nonet
Excerpt       PDF     (611-643)
23 Mechanotransduction
Monica Driscoll, Joshua Kaplan
Excerpt       PDF     (645-677)
24 Feeding and Defecation
Leon Avery, James H. Thomas
Excerpt       PDF     (679-716)
25 Chemotaxis and Thermotaxis
Cornelia I. Bargmann, Ikue Mori
Excerpt       PDF     (717-737)
26 Genetic and Environmental Regulation of Dauer Larva Development
Donald L. Riddle, Patrice S. Albert
Excerpt       PDF     (739-768)
27 Neural Plasticity
Erik M. Jorgensen, Catharine Rankin
Excerpt       PDF     (769-790)
28 Environmental Factors and Gene Activities That Influence Life Span
Cynthia Kenyon
Excerpt       PDF     (791-813)
29 Evolution
David H.A. Fitch, W. Kelley Thomas
Excerpt       PDF     (815-850)
30 Parasitic Nematodes
Mark Blaxter, David Bird
Excerpt       PDF     (851-878)
APPENDIX 1 Genetics
Jonathan Hodgkin
Excerpt       PDF     (881-1047)
APPENDIX 2 Neurotransmitter Assignments for Specific Neurons
James B. Rand, Michael L. Nonet
Excerpt       PDF     (1049-1052)
APPENDIX 3 Codon Usage in C. elegans
Paul M. Sharp, Keith R. Bradnam
Excerpt       PDF     (1053-1057)
APPENDIX 4 On-line C. elegans Resources
Mark L. Edgley, Carolyn A. Turner, Donald L. Riddle
Excerpt       PDF     (1059-1062)
Excerpt       PDF     (1063-1172)
Excerpt       PDF     (1173-1222)