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APPENDIX 1 Parts List

John Sulston, John White


Appendix 1 provides a list of all terminally differentiated somatic cells, together with key blast cells (viz. embryonic founder cells and blast cells present at hatching).

First column: Functional name. This nomenclature is fairly arbitrary; its purpose is to allow cells to be classified by type. Note the use of appended symmetry operators (A, anterior; P, posterior; D, dorsal; V, ventral; L, left; R, right) to distinguish between equivalent cells in symmetrical groups.

Second column: Lineage name. This nomenclature formally summarizes the lineage by which the cell is derived from a key blast cell; it is described fully in Chapter 5.

Third column: Brief description. See appropriate chapters for more detail.

The Table following the Parts list provides nuclear counts.

PARTS LIST FOR THE NEMATODE C. ELEGANSABP0 aEmbryonic founder cellADALAB plapaaaappRing interneuronsADARAB prapaaaappADELAB plapaaaapaAnterior deirids, sensory receptors in lateral alae, contain dopamineADERAB prapaaaapaADEshLAB arppaaaaAnterior deirid sheath cellsADEshRAB arpppaaa“ADEsoH2 aa L&RAnterior deirid socketADFLAB alpppppaaAmphid neurons, dual ciliated sensory endings, probably chemosensory, enter ring via commissure from ventral ganglion take up FITCADFRAB praaappaaADLLAB alppppaadAmphid neurons, dual ciliated sensory endings, probably chemosensory, project directly to ring, take up FITCADLRAB praaapaadAFDLAB alpppapavAmphid finger cells, associated with amphid sheathAFDRAB praaaapavAIALAB plppaappaAmphid interneuronsAIARAB prppaappa“AIBLAB plaapappaAmphid interneuronsAIBRAB praapappa“

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