Telomeres, Second Ed. (2006, Volume 45)

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The second edition of Telomeres is an up-to-date survey of the exciting field of telomere biology. Telomeres-specialized structures found at the ends of chromosomes-are essential for maintaining the integrity of chromosomes and their faithful duplication during cell division. Chapters in this volume cover telomere structure and function in a range of organisms, focusing on how they are maintained, their roles in cell division and senescence, and how changes in these structures contribute to cancer and other diseases.


"Telomeres provides an excellent, easy-to-read introduction... . Moreover, since the book contains a wealth of information on all aspects of telomere biology and biochemistry, it should prove tremendously useful to even the most experienced telomere researcher."


Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
Titia De Lange, Vicki Lundblad, Elizabeth Blackburn
Excerpt       PDF     (i-viii)
1 A History of Telomere Biology
Elizabeth H. Blackburn
Excerpt       PDF     (1-19)
2 The Telomerase Ribonucleoprotein Particle
Gaël Cristofari, Joachim Lingner
Excerpt       PDF     (21-47)
3 Telomerase Biochemistry and Biogenesis
Jiunn-Liang Chen, Carol W. Greider
Excerpt       PDF     (49-79)
4 Telomerase and Human Cancer
Jerry W. Shay, Woodring E. Wright
Excerpt       PDF     (81-108)
5 Modeling Cancer and Aging in the Telomerase-deficient Mouse
Kwok-Kin Wong, Sandy Chang, Ronald A. Depinho
Excerpt       PDF     (109-138)
6 Telomerase Deficiency and Human Disease
Inderjeet Dokal, Tom Vulliamy
Excerpt       PDF     (139-161)
7 Telomerase-independent Maintenance of Mammalian Telomeres
Axel A. Neumann, Roger R. Reddel
Excerpt       PDF     (163-198)
8 Telomerase-independent Telomere Maintenance in Yeast
Michael J. McEachern, James E. Haber
Excerpt       PDF     (199-224)
9 Meiotic Telomeres
Harry Scherthan
Excerpt       PDF     (225-259)
10 Telomere Position Effect: Silencing Near the End
Michelle A. Mondoux, Virginia A. Zakian
Excerpt       PDF     (261-316)
11 The Structural Biology of Telomeres
Daniela Rhodes
Excerpt       PDF     (317-343)
12 Budding Yeast Telomeres
Vicki Lundblad
Excerpt       PDF     (345-386)
13 Mammalian Telomeres
Titia De Lange
Excerpt       PDF     (387-431)
14 Drosophila Telomeres
Sergio Pimpinelli
Excerpt       PDF     (433-463)
15 Ciliate Telomeres
Carolyn Price
Excerpt       PDF     (465-493)
16 Fission Yeast Telomeres
Julia Promisel Cooper, Yasushi Hiraoka
Excerpt       PDF     (495-523)
17 Plant Telomeres
Dorothy E. Shippen
Excerpt       PDF     (525-550)
Appendix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of Telomerase
Elizabeth H. Blackburn
Excerpt       PDF     (551-563)
Excerpt       PDF     (565-576)