Translational Control in Biology and Medicine (2007, Volume 48)

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The third edition of this successful monograph has been both updated and broadened. Since the second edition was published in 2000, the structures of the bacterial and eukaryotic ribosomes have been published, adding substantially to our knowledge of the basic mechanisms of translation. Our understanding of how translation is regulated, by both protein and RNA regulators, has also advanced considerably. In addition, as the new title states, the current manifestation of this authoritative volume has a significant focus on the role of translational control in human development and disease. This book, with its 30 chapters written by experts in the field, is essential reading for anyone interested in the process of translation, its regulation, and how its failure can cause disease.


"I strongly recommend this publication as an authoritative source-book, both for students entering the field and established practitioners alike, and it should find its way onto many laboratory benches and library shelves."

-Trends in Genetics

"Whether you are an advanced student or an experienced researcher, if you need to bring yourself up to speed on the translational control of gene expression, then this is the book for you... . As you would expect from a Cold Spring Harbor Monograph, the volume is comprehensive, scholarly and as 'up-to-date' as this type of multi-author volume can hope to be. I can recommend this volume to individual specialists and institutional libraries, both of which will get a lot of good value for their money."

-Microbiology Today

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
Michael B. Mathews, Nahum Sonenberg, John W. B. Hershey
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1 Origins and Principles of Translational Control
Michael B. Mathews, Nahum Sonenberg, John W.B. Hershey
Excerpt       PDF     (1-40)
2 Structure of the Bacterial Ribosome and Some Implications for Translational Regulation
Harry F. Noller
Excerpt       PDF     (41-58)
3 Structure and Function of the Eukaryotic Ribosome and Elongation Factors
Derek J. Taylor, Joachim Frank, Terri Goss Kinzy
Excerpt       PDF     (59-85)
4 The Mechanism of Translation Initiation in Eukaryotes
Tatyana V. Pestova, Jon R. Lorsch, Christopher U.T. Hellen
Excerpt       PDF     (87-128)
5 Translation Initiation by Viral Internal Ribosome Entry Sites
Jennifer A. Doudna, Peter Sarnow
Excerpt       PDF     (129-153)
6 Translation Initiation Via Cellular Internal Ribosome Entry Sites
Orna Elroy-Stein, William C. Merrick
Excerpt       PDF     (155-172)
7 Translation Termination, the Prion [PSI+], and Ribosomal Recycling
Måns Ehrenberg, Vasili Hauryliuk, Colin G. Crist, Yoshikazu Nakamura
Excerpt       PDF     (173-196)
8 Coupled Termination-Reinitiation Events in mRNA Translation
Richard J. Jackson, Ann Kaminski, Tuija A.A. Pöyry
Excerpt       PDF     (197-223)
9 Mechanism of Translation Initiation in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Alan G. Hinnebusch, Thomas E. Dever, Katsura Asano
Excerpt       PDF     (225-268)
10 cis-Regulatory Sequences and trans-Acting Factors in Translational Control
Matthias W. Hentze, Fátima Gebauer, Thomas Preiss
Excerpt       PDF     (269-295)
11 Regulation of mRNA Molecules by MicroRNAs
Karen A. Wehner, Peter Sarnow
Excerpt       PDF     (297-318)
12 The eIF2α Kinases
Thomas E. Dever, Arvin C. Dar, Frank Sicheri
Excerpt       PDF     (319-344)
13 eIF2α Phosphorylation in Cellular Stress Responses and Disease
David Ron, Heather P. Harding
Excerpt       PDF     (345-368)
14 Signaling to Translation Initiation
Brian Raught, Anne-Claude Gingras
Excerpt       PDF     (369-400)
15 Translational Control in Cancer Development and Progression
Robert J. Schneider, Nahum Sonenberg
Excerpt       PDF     (401-431)
16 Matters of Life and Death: Translation Initiation during Apoptosis
Simon J. Morley, Mark J. Coldwell
Excerpt       PDF     (433-458)
17 Translational Control in Metabolic Diseases: The Role of mTOR Signaling in Obesity and Diabetes
Sara C. Kozma, Sung Hee Um, George Thomas
Excerpt       PDF     (459-483)
18 Translational Control of Synaptic Plasticity and Learning and Memory
Eric Klann, Joel D. Richter
Excerpt       PDF     (485-506)
19 Translational Control in Development
Beth Thompson, Marvin Wickens, Judith Kimble
Excerpt       PDF     (507-544)
20 Protein Synthesis and Translational Control during Viral Infection
Ian J. Mohr, Tsafi Pe’ery, Michael B. Mathews
Excerpt       PDF     (545-599)
21 Regulation of Translation Elongation and the Cotranslational Protein Targeting Pathway
Terence P. Herbert, Christopher G. Proud
Excerpt       PDF     (601-624)
22 Regulation of Termination and Recoding
Jonathan D. Dinman, Marla J. Berry
Excerpt       PDF     (625-654)
23 Nonsense-mediated mRNA Decay: From Yeast to Metazoans
Allan Jacobson, Elisa Izaurralde
Excerpt       PDF     (655-687)
24 Localized Translation through Messenger RNA Localization
Elizabeth R. Gavis, Robert H. Singer, Stefan Hüttelmaier
Excerpt       PDF     (689-717)
25 The Interface between mRNA Turnover and Translational Control
Carlos I. Gonzalez, Carol J. Wilusz, Jeffrey Wilusz
Excerpt       PDF     (719-745)
26 Translational Control in Plants and Chloroplasts
Daniel R. Gallie
Excerpt       PDF     (747-774)
27 Mitochondrial Translation and Human Disease
Eric A. Shoubridge, Florin Sasarman
Excerpt       PDF     (775-801)
28 Translational Control in Prokaryotes
Pascale Romby, Mathias Springer
Excerpt       PDF     (803-827)
29 Noncanonical Functions of Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases in Translational Control
Paul L. Fox, Partho S. Ray, Abul Arif, Jie Jia
Excerpt       PDF     (829-854)
30 Therapeutic Opportunities in Translation
Jerry Pelletier, Stuart W. Peltz
Excerpt       PDF     (855-895)
Excerpt       PDF     (897-934)