Oncogenes and the Molecular Origins of Cancer (1989, Volume 18)

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The field of oncogene research has exploded over the past decade. Previously discovered in retrovirus genomes and the genomes of DNA tumor viruses, oncogenes are now known to be present in cellular genomes where they play a critical role in human tumor pathogenesis. Study of oncogene-encoded proteins promises to provide insight into other areas of biology besides carcinogenesis, including developmental biology and neuronal signaling.

The present volume provides an introduction to this rich and rapidly growing field. Each chapter is written by a leader in the field and designed to explain the concepts that fuel current work. Included in the chapters are discussions of cytoplasmic and nuclear oncoproteins, signal transducing mechanisms, growth factors and their receptors, oncogenes and multistep carcinogenesis, tumor-suppressor genes and the implications of oncogenes for clinical oncology. The level of discussion is suitable for graduate students and researchers in a variety of biomedical fields and clinicians.

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
R.A. Weinberg
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Robert A. Weinberg
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1 An Historical Overview of Oncogenes
Harold Varmus
Excerpt       PDF     (3-44)
2 Growth Factors and Oncogenes
Robert A. Weinberg
Excerpt       PDF     (45-66)
3 Growth Factors and Their Receptors
Gordon N. Gill
Excerpt       PDF     (67-96)
4 Signal Transduction and Intracellular Messengers
Henry R. Bourne, Anthony L. Defranco
Excerpt       PDF     (97-124)
5 ras Oncogenes
Frank McCormick
Excerpt       PDF     (125-145)
6 Oncogene Products in the Cytoplasm: The Protein Kinases
Tony Hunter
Excerpt       PDF     (147-173)
7 Nuclear Oncogenes
Robert N. Eisenman
Excerpt       PDF     (175-221)
8 Oncogenes of DNA Tumor Viruses: Papovaviruses
Walter Eckhart
Excerpt       PDF     (223-238)
9 Oncogenesis by DNA Viruses: Adenovirus
Thomas Shenk
Excerpt       PDF     (239-257)
10 Oncogenesis by Herpesviruses
Elliott Kieff, David Liebowitz
Excerpt       PDF     (259-280)
11 Heritable Cancer and Tumor Suppressor Genes: A Tentative Connection
Eric J. Stanbridge, Webster K. Cavenee
Excerpt       PDF     (281-306)
12 Oncogenes and Multistep Carcinogenesis
Robert A. Weinberg
Excerpt       PDF     (307-326)
13 Oncogenes and Clinical Cancer
J. Michael Bishop
Excerpt       PDF     (327-358)
Subject Index
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