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APPENDIX 2 Neuroanatomy

John White, Eileen Southgate, Richard Durbin


Part A: Positions of Neuronal Processes and Cell Bodies
The processes and cell body positions of all the neurons in C. elegans are listed. The pharyngeal neurons are grouped together at the end. See Appendix 1 for an explanation of cell nomenclature.

Part B: Neuronal Connectivity Diagrams
The following diagrams show the pattern of synaptic connectivity within the nervous system excluding the pharynx. Classes of sensory neurons are represented by triangles, interneurons by hexagons, and motor neurons by circles. Connections between neurons are mediated by chemical synapses (arrows) and gap junctions (Ts). The relative anatomical prominence of a chemical synapse is indicated by the thickness of the line showing the connection. To simplify the presentation, the circuitry has been split into six units. Certain classes have been included in more than one unit. Connections made by classes within a unit to classes that are not included are shown in the lists associated with each unit. See Appendix 1 for an explanation of cell nomenclature.

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