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APPENDIX II Complete Annotated Lambda Sequence

Donna L. Daniels, John L. Schroeder, Waclaw Szybalski, Fred Sanger, Alan R. Coulson, Guo F. Hong, Diane F. Hill, George B. Petersen, Frederick R. Blattner


Here we present the completely annotated λ DNA sequence. The l strand of the λ “wild-type” DNA1 is presented above the ruler line in the 5′–3′ direction, and the r strand, below the ruler in the 3′–5′ direction. Translation in all six frames is presented below the DNA sequence in the single-letter amino acid code. Those translation frames believed to actually code for proteins are capitalized. The single-letter amino acid code is as follows:

A = AlaG = GlyM = MetS = SerC = CysH = HisN = AsnT = ThrD = AspI = IleP = ProV = ValE = GluK = LysQ = GlnW = TrpF = PheL = LeuR = ArgY = Tyr

All restriction cut sites predicted from their recognition sequences on the l strand are indicated above the base to the left of the internucleotide site of cutting. All mapped sites presented in Appendix I are presented here as annotations to the sequence. The four-character designation is indicated above the numbered base, and the complete annotation is repeated below the line of sequence. For annotation numbering conventions, see Appendix I.

Following the sequence are two explanatory tables.

Table 1 lists the restriction enzyme recognition sequences for which the sequence was searched.

Table 2 summarizes all restriction sites predicted by the λ DNA sequence.1 For a summary of all of the experimentally mapped restriction sites and...

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