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APPENDIX II: Comparative DNA-sequence Analysis of the G4 and ϕX174 Genomes

G. N. Godson


The ϕX174 nucleotide sequence used in this gene-by-gene comparison is the updated sequence presented in Appendix I. The G4 nucleotide sequence is part of the complete G4 sequence which will be published by G. N. Godson, B. G. Barrell, and J. C. Fiddes at a later date. Alignment of the ϕX and G4 sequences within the genes was only made possible by comparing the total nucleotide sequences; where deletions and insertions occur in one sequence relative to the other (i.e., in genes A, J, G, and H), the missing nucleotides are represented with dashes. The exact location of the deletion, however, is not certain, and the positions chosen are only a best guess from conservation of the surrounding nucleotides and amino acids.

The mismatched nucleotides are marked with a line and the similar amino acids with hatching. The numerology of the changes are given in Godson et al. (this volume; see especially Table 2).

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