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APPENDIX II Known Locations of tRNA Genes on the Escherichia coli Map

Alice Y. P. Cheung


The various isoacceptors are indicated, followed by the number of gene copies written in brackets or parentheses. Brackets indicate that this number was determined by nucleotide sequencing or other physical means; parentheses indicate the use of genetic techniques for this purpose. The letters C, E, K, M, P, X, and Y are unidentified genes for tRNA. The numbers inside the circle correspond to the minutes on the Escherichia coli map (Bachmann, B. J., K. B. Low, and A. L. Taylor. 1976. Bacteriol. Rev. 40:116). Data are compiled from the following: Hill, C. W., C. Squires, and J. Carbon. 1970. J. Mol Biol. 52:557; Squires, C. and J. Carbon. 1971. Nat. New Biol. 233:274; Smith, J. D. 1972. Ann. Rev. Genet. 6:235; Steege, D. A. and B. Low. 1975. J. Bacteriol. 122:120; Hill, C. W. 1976. Cell 6:419; Lund, E., J. E. Dahlberg, L. Lindahl, S. R. Jaskunas, R. P. Dennis, and M. Nomura. 1976. Cell 7:165; Ikemura, T. and H. Ozeki. 1977. J. Mol. Biol. 117:419; Morgan, E. A., T. Ikemura, and M. Nomura. 1977. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 74:2710; Morgan E. A., T. Ikemura, L. Lindahl, A. M. Fallon, and M. Nomura. 1978. Cell 13:335; Rossi, J. J. and A. Landy. 1979. Cell 16:523; Yarus, M., S. P. Eisenberg, and L. Soll. 1979. Mol. Gen. Genet. 170:299; Young, R., R. Macklis, and J. Steitz. 1979. J. Biol. Chem. 254:3264; Morgan et al., this volume; Ozeki et al., this volume.

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