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APPENDIX III Codon Usage in Several Organisms

Henri Grosjean


The genetic code is presented in the conventional manner with its corresponding amino acid assignment. The numbers correspond to the frequency with which a triplet is used in the coding regions of different genes or in the mRNA. The initiator (second number in the case of AUG and GUG) and terminator codon signals are also indicated. Further comments and analysis on codon usage are found in research by Fiers and Grosjean (1979. Nature 277: 328), Grosjean et al. (1978. J. Mol. Evol. 12: 113), Grantham (1978. FEES Lett. 95:1), and Chavancy et al. (1979. Biochimie 61:71). The sources of original data on codon usage in the different mRNA or genes are listed at the end of the Appendix, in the same order of appearance as for genes or mRNA in the notes of each table.

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