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Preface/Front Matter

Dieter Söll, John Abelson, Paul Schimmel


During recent years, the advent of recombinant DNA technology, the rapid advances in DNA sequencing methods, and the establishment of efficient cell-free protein synthesizing systems from eukaryotes have opened new horizons in tRNA research and provided new tools for studies in established areas. Transfer RNA: Biological Aspects summarizes current knowledge in the areas of tRNA biosynthesis, tRNA gene organization and structure, genetic suppression and coding, and the role of tRNA in regulatory processes. The volume gives an overall perspective of current research in these rapidly expanding fields.

Transfer RNA: Structure, Properties, and Recognition the first portion of the Transfer RNA set, treated the structure and properties of tRNA and of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and the interaction of tRNAs with proteins, including ribosomes. These areas are the foundations of the tRNA field.

The chapters for both texts were solicited by the editors from individuals who delivered invited lectures at the August 1978 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meeting on tRNA. Many of the chapters have been updated to mid-1979. We wish to thank our colleagues for their help and suggestions.

In the organization of the meeting, we were helped enormously by Gladys Kist and Winifred Modzeleski of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meetings Office. This volume was made possible only through the conscientious and skillful editorial help of Mary-Teresa Halpin, Annette Zaninovic, and Nancy Ford, Director of Publications. We are also indebted to Jim Watson for his enthusiastic advice and counsel.

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