The Skeletal System (2009, Volume 53)

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The Skeletal System presents our current picture of the development, biology, and evolution of the vertebrate skeleton. Recent advances in our understanding of how bone and cartilage are shaped and positioned within the developing embryo, combined with the elucidation of many of the signaling pathways involved in the differentiation of these tissues, make the timing of this volume auspicious.

Written by experts in the field, the chapters in this book embrace three major themes. The first, patterning of bone in vertebrates, is the focus of chapters on limb, craniofacial, and spine patterning. The second theme, the control of differentiation, is covered in chapters examining the transcription factors and signaling molecules that control differentiation programs at a molecular level. The third theme, the unusual structural demands required of the skeleton, is looked at in chapters on the mineralization process that underpins this characteristic of the skeleton.

With additional chapters covering the evolution of the vertebrate skeleton and the genetics of human skeletal disease, The Skeletal System is a vital reference for developmental biologists and clinicians wishing to learn how the skeleton is built and works.

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
Olivier Pourquié
Excerpt       PDF     (i-viii)
1 Evolutionary Origin of Bone and Cartilage in Vertebrates
Kinya G. Ota, Shigeru Kuratani
Excerpt       PDF     (1-18)
2 Developmental Patterning of the Limb Skeleton
Kimberly L. Cooper, Clifford J. Tabin
Excerpt       PDF     (19-39)
3 Patterning and Differentiation of the Vertebrate Spine
Jérome Chal, Olivier Pourquié
Excerpt       PDF     (41-116)
4 Craniofacial Patterning
Nicole M. Le Douarin, Sophie E. Creuzet
Excerpt       PDF     (117-145)
5 Transcriptional Control of Chondrocyte Differentiation
Benoit De Crombrugghe, Haruhiko Akiyama
Excerpt       PDF     (147-170)
6 Growth Factors and Chondrogenesis
Henry M. Kronenberg, Andrew P. McMahon, Clifford J. Tabin
Excerpt       PDF     (171-203)
7 Transcriptional Control of Osteoblast Differentiation
Gerard Karsenty
Excerpt       PDF     (205-217)
8 Role of Growth Factors in Bone Development and Differentiation
Sayumi Fujimori, Daniela Kostanova-Poliakova, Christine Hartmann
Excerpt       PDF     (219-261)
9 Cytokine and Growth Factor Regulation of Osteoclastogenesis
Hiroshi Takayanagi
Excerpt       PDF     (263-275)
10. Bone Mineralization
Lynda F. Bonewald, Sarah L. Dallas, Jeff P. Gorski
Excerpt       PDF     (277-295)
11 Bone Remodeling: Cellular and Molecular Events
T. John Martin, Natalie A. Sims
Excerpt       PDF     (297-315)
12 Genetics of Human Skeletal Disease
Bjorn R. Olsen
Excerpt       PDF     (317-340)
13 Extracellular Matrix in the Skeleton
Francesco Ramirez
Excerpt       PDF     (341-353)
Excerpt       PDF     (355-365)