Epigenetic Mechanisms of Gene Regulation (1996, Volume 32)

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Many inheritable changes in gene function are not explained by changes in the DNA sequence. Such epigenetic mechanisms are known to influence gene function in most complex organisms and include effects such as transposon function, chromosome imprinting, yeast mating type switching, and telomeric silencing. In recent years, epigenetic effects have become a major focus of research activity. This monograph, edited by three well-known biologists from different specialties, is the first to review and synthesize what is known about these effects across all species, particularly from a molecular perspective, and will be of interest to everyone in the fields of molecular biology and genetics.

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
V.E.A. Russo, R.A. Martienssen, A.D. Riggs
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Arthur D. Riggs, Robert A. Martienssen, Vincenzo E.A. Russo
Excerpt       PDF     (1-4)
DNA Methylation in Eukaryotes: 20 Years On
Robin Holliday
Excerpt       PDF     (5-27)
Overview of Epigenetic Mechanisms
Arthur D. Riggs, Thomas N. Porter
Excerpt       PDF     (29-45)
Gene Silencing in Mammalian Cells
Robin Holliday, Thu Ho, Richard Paulin
Excerpt       PDF     (47-59)
DNA Methyltransferases in Mammalian Development and Genome Defense
Timothy H. Bestor
Excerpt       PDF     (61-76)
The Mutational Burden of 5-Methylcytosine
Allen S. Yang, Peter A. Jones, Atsuko Shibata
Excerpt       PDF     (77-94)
Plant Methyltransferases and Their Targets in the Plant Genome
Roger L.P. Adams, Sriharsa Pradhan, Colin A. Johnson, Heather Lindsay, Evonne W.L. Shek, Gareth I. Jenkins, Nigel A.R. Urwin
Excerpt       PDF     (95-108)
Mechanism of DNA Demethylation in Vertebrates and Its Biological Significance
Jean-Pierre Jost
Excerpt       PDF     (109-125)
The Role of DNA Methylation in Plant Development
E. Jean Finnegan
Excerpt       PDF     (127-140)
Methylation-related Epigenetic Signals in Bacterial DNA
Josep Casadesús, Joaquín Torreblanca
Excerpt       PDF     (141-153)
DNA Modification and Restriction: Selfish Behavior of an Epigenetic System
Ichizo Kobayashi
Excerpt       PDF     (155-172)
Organization and Control of Imprinted Genes: The Common Features
Justin F-x. Ainscough, M. Azim Surani
Excerpt       PDF     (173-194)
Genomic Imprinting and Modifier Genes in the Mouse
Jörn Walter, Torsten Krüger, Sabine Engemann, Nicholas D. Allen, Gavin Kelsey, Robert Feil, Thierry Forné, Wolf Reik
Excerpt       PDF     (195-213)
Establishment of Imprinted Methylation Patterns during Development
Ruth Shemer, Aharon Razin
Excerpt       PDF     (215-229)
X-Chromosome Inactivation and Epigenetic Mechanisms
Arthur D. Riggs, Thomas N. Porter
Excerpt       PDF     (231-248)
X-Chromosome Inactivation: XCE and the Candidate Region for the X-Inactivation Center
Philip Avner
Excerpt       PDF     (249-265)
Epigenetic Silencing and Activation of a Maize r Gene
Jerry L. Kermicle
Excerpt       PDF     (267-287)
b and pl Paramutation in Maize: Heritable Transcription States Programmed during Development
Vicki L. Chandler, Kenneth M. Kubo, Jay B. Hollick
Excerpt       PDF     (289-304)
DNA Methylation of Flower Color Transgenes in Petunia hybrida
Peter Meyer
Excerpt       PDF     (305-317)
Position-effect Variegation in Drosophila: Recent Progress
Steven Henikoff
Excerpt       PDF     (319-334)
Control and Function of DNA Methylation in Neurospora crassa
Ann T. Hagemann, Eric U. Selker
Excerpt       PDF     (335-394)
Silencing of the Gene hph in Neurospora crassa
Vincenzo E.A. Russo, Yeon-Su Lee, Antonio C. Codón
Excerpt       PDF     (345-359)
Prokaryotic Model of Epigenetic Inactivation: Chromosomal Silencing in Bacillus subtilis Fusion Products
Valérie Grandjean, Françoise Le Hégarat, Luisa Hirschbein
Excerpt       PDF     (361-376)
Stable Epigenetic States in Differentiated Plant Cells: Implications for Somaclonal Variation and Gene Silencing in Transgenic Plants
Marjori A. Matzke, Antonius J.M. Matzke
Excerpt       PDF     (377-392)
Sense Cosuppression of Flower Color Genes: Metastable Morphology-based Phenotypes and the Prepattern-threshold Hypothesis
Richard A. Jorgensen, Qiudeng Que, James J. English, Huai-Yu Wang
Excerpt       PDF     (393-402)
Analysis of a Tobacco Transgene Locus That Triggers Both Transcriptional and Posttranscriptional Silencing
Hervé Vaucheret, Taline Elmayan, Philippe Mourrain, Jean-Christophe Palauqui
Excerpt       PDF     (403-414)
Epigenetic Modifications and Gene Silencing in Plants
Frederick Meins, Jr.
Excerpt       PDF     (415-442)
Transcriptional Silencing in the Fission Yeast: A Manifestation of Higher Order Chromosome Structure and Functions
Robin C. Allshire
Excerpt       PDF     (443-466)
Transcriptional Silencing of the Yeast Mating-type Genes
Scott G. Holmes, Miriam Braunstein, James R. Broach
Excerpt       PDF     (467-487)
Stable Chromatin States Regulating Homeotic Genes In Drosophila
Vincenzo Pirrotta
Excerpt       PDF     (489-505)
The Role of Polycomb Group and Trithorax Group Chromatin Complexes in the Maintenance of Determined Cell States
Renato Paro, Peter J. Harte
Excerpt       PDF     (507-528)
Histones, Histone Modifications, and the Inheritance of Chromatin Structure
Stefan U. Kass, Alan P. Wolffe
Excerpt       PDF     (529-546)
The Silencing of Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Daniel P. Bednarik
Excerpt       PDF     (547-559)
CpG Suppression in HIV-1 Versus HIV-2: Correlation with Pathogenicity and Possible Implications for the Design of Antiretroviral Vaccines
Jonathan W. Nyce
Excerpt       PDF     (561-573)
Epigenetic Regulation of the Maize Spm Transposable Element
Nina Fedoroff
Excerpt       PDF     (575-592)
Epigenetic Silencing of Mu Transposable Elements in Maize
Robert A. Martienssen
Excerpt       PDF     (593-608)
Essentials of Plant Development
Robert A. Martienssen
Excerpt       PDF     (611-617)
Essentials of Mouse Development
Arthur D. Riggs
Excerpt       PDF     (619-625)
Paramutation: Directed Genetic Change
R. Alexander Brink, E. Derek Styles, John D. Axtell
Excerpt       PDF     (629-638)
DNA Modification Mechanisms and Gene Activity during Development
R. Holliday, J. E. Pugh
Excerpt       PDF     (639-645)
X inactivation, differentiation, and DNA methylation
A.D. Riggs
Excerpt       PDF     (646-662)
Excerpt       PDF     (663-679)
Excerpt       PDF     (681-692)