DNA Replication in Eukaryotic Cells (1996, Volume 31)

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DNA replication is a central cog in the machinery of cell and viral proliferation. After significant advances in the past few years, its regulation is now understood in unprecedented depth.

This is the first book to provide a detailed and thoroughly up-to-date review of the complexity of DNA replication in eukaryotic cells. It is organized into three parts: Concepts, a distillation of underlying principles; Enzymes, a description of each protein class involved; and Systems, a review of events over a wide range of organisms. The book is therefore invaluable for teachers who want a current survey of a topic central to the biology syllabus; investigators of replication who will appreciate a remarkably concise, central source of knowledge in their specialty; and scientists studying other biological functions on which DNA replication has an impact.

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
Melvin L. Depamphilis
Excerpt       PDF     (i-xiii)
1 Mechanisms for Replicating DNA
George S. Brush, Thomas J. Kelly
Excerpt       PDF     (1-43)
2 Origins of DNA Replication
M.L. Depamphilis
Excerpt       PDF     (45-86)
3 Roles of Transcription Factors in DNA Replication
Peter C. van der Vliet
Excerpt       PDF     (87-118)
4 Roles of Nuclear Structure in DNA Replication
Ronald Laskey, Mark Madine
Excerpt       PDF     (119-130)
5 Mechanisms for Priming DNA Synthesis
Margarita Salas, Jennifer T. Miller, Jonathan Leis, Melvin L. Depamphilis
Excerpt       PDF     (131-176)
6 Mechanisms for Completing DNA Replication
Deepak Bastia, Bidyut K. Mohanty
Excerpt       PDF     (177-215)
7 Fidelity of DNA Replication
John D. Roberts, Thomas A. Kunkel
Excerpt       PDF     (217-247)
8 DNA Excision Repair Pathways
Errol C. Friedberg, Richard D. Wood
Excerpt       PDF     (249-269)
9 Chromatin Structure and DNA Replication: Implications for Transcriptional Activity
Alan P. Wolffe
Excerpt       PDF     (271-293)
10 Roles of Phosphorylation in DNA Replication
Klaus Weisshart, Ellen Fanning
Excerpt       PDF     (295-330)
11 Control of S Phase
Kim Nasmyth
Excerpt       PDF     (331-386)
12 Temporal Order of DNA Replication
Itamar Simon, Howard Cedar
Excerpt       PDF     (387-408)
13 Changes in DNA Replication during Animal Development
Janet L. Carminati, Terry L. Orr-Weaver
Excerpt       PDF     (409-434)
14 Comparison of DNA Replication in Cells from Prokarya and Eukarya
Bruce Stillman
Excerpt       PDF     (435-460)
15 Cellular DNA Polymerases
Teresa S.-f. Wang
Excerpt       PDF     (461-493)
16 Viral DNA Polymerases
Donald M. Coen
Excerpt       PDF     (495-523)
17 DNA Replication Accessory Proteins
Ulrich Hübscher, Giovanni Maga, Vladimir N. Podust
Excerpt       PDF     (525-543)
18 DNA Helicases
James A. Borowiec
Excerpt       PDF     (545-574)
19 DNA Ligases
Rachel Nash, Tomas Lindahl
Excerpt       PDF     (575-586)
20 DNA Topoisomerases
Anni Hangaard Andersen, Christian Bendixen, Ole Westergaard
Excerpt       PDF     (587-617)
21 DNA Telomerases
Carol W. Greider, Kathleen Collins, Chantal Autexier
Excerpt       PDF     (619-638)
22 SV40 and Polyomavirus DNA Replication
John A. Hassell, Bradford T. Brinton
Excerpt       PDF     (639-677)
23 Papillomavirus DNA Replication
Arne Stenlund
Excerpt       PDF     (679-697)
24 Adenovirus DNA Replication
Ronald T. Hay
Excerpt       PDF     (699-719)
25 Herpesvirus DNA Replication
Mark Challberg
Excerpt       PDF     (721-750)
26 Epstein-Barr Virus DNA Replication
John L. Yates
Excerpt       PDF     (751-773)
27 Poxvirus DNA Replication
Paula Traktman
Excerpt       PDF     (775-798)
28 Parvovirus DNA Replication
Susan F. Cotmore, Peter Tattersall
Excerpt       PDF     (799-813)
29 Replication of the Hepatitis Virus Genome
Christoph Seeger, William S. Mason
Excerpt       PDF     (815-831)
30 Geminivirus DNA Replication
David M. Bisaro
Excerpt       PDF     (833-854)
31 Baculovirus DNA Replication
Christian H. Ahrens, Douglas J. Leisy, George F. Rohrmann
Excerpt       PDF     (855-872)
32 DNA Replication in Yeast
Carol S. Newlon
Excerpt       PDF     (873-914)
33 DNA Replication in Tetrahymena
Geoffrey M. Kapler, Drena L. Dobbs, Elizabeth H. Blackburn
Excerpt       PDF     (915-932)
34 DNA Replication in Physarum
Gérard Pierron, Marianne Bénard
Excerpt       PDF     (933-946)
35 Differential DNA Replication in Insects
Susan A. Gerbi, Fyodor D. Urnov
Excerpt       PDF     (947-969)
36 DNA Replication in Xenopus
J. Julian Blow, James P.J. Chong
Excerpt       PDF     (971-982)
37 DNA Replication in Mammals
Nicholas H. Heintz
Excerpt       PDF     (983-1004)
38 DNA Replication in Plants
Jack Van’t Hof
Excerpt       PDF     (1005-1014)
39 Mitochondrial DNA Replication
David A. Clayton
Excerpt       PDF     (1015-1027)
40 Kinetoplast DNA Replication
Al F. Torri, Laura Rocco Carpenter, Paul T. Englund
Excerpt       PDF     (1029-1042)
Excerpt       PDF     (1043-1058)