Translational Control (1996, Volume 30)

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Critical Acclaim for Translational Control

"Reading any one of the relatively few teaching texts that aim to comprehensively cover the area of gene expression and its regulation will leave today's student with the misguided impression that a gene is only regulated at the level of transcription initiation, with just a few odd 'exceptions to the rule' in which a post-transcriptional mechanism might come into play. That this impression is a misguided one is amply illustrated by this excellent addition to a long line of outstanding Cold Spring Harbor monographs... .The editors have assembled an authoritative volume, which focuses primarily on gene control at the level of translation, and contains contributions from many of the leading researchers. ... By reading any one of the 26 chapters, the reader will be immediately aware that transcription is not the "be all and end all' of gene control. Thus, a gene might be efficiently transcribed and the resulting transcript correctly processed, yet that transcript might not be immediately available for translation on cytoplasmic ribosomes.

This is an important volume representing the first serious attempt to assemble a truly comprehensive, yet accessible, treatise on this rapidly emerging field."

-Trends in Biochemical Sciences

"While a general description of protein synthesis is easily obtained from any biochemistry textbook, there have been few comprehensive reviews of the area in recent years. This book, containing 26 articles on various aspects of translational control, is a welcome addition. It should prove useful for researchers, particularly graduate students entering this field. ...

The introductory overview by the editors gives a particularly lucid description of the origins and targets of translational control and sets the stage for the chapters that follow. Both a brief historical background and an analysis of future directions are described. The chapters are well written and give an overview as well as details of current research."

-The Quarterly Review of Biology

Front cover photograph: The eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E, courtesy of J. Marcotrigiano, A.- C. Gingras, N. Sonenberg, and S.K. Burley [for more details, see Cell (1997) 89, 951-961].

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
J.W.B. Hershey, M.B. Mathews, N. Sonenberg
Excerpt       PDF     (i-xi)
1 Origins and Targets of Translational Control
Michael B. Mathews, Nahum Sonenberg, John W.B. Hershey
Excerpt       PDF     (1-29)
2 The Pathway and Mechanism of Eukaryotic Protein Synthesis
William C. Merrick, John W.B. Hershey
Excerpt       PDF     (31-69)
3 A Comparative View of Initiation Site Selection Mechanisms
Richard J. Jackson
Excerpt       PDF     (71-112)
4 Binding of Initiator Methionyl-tRNA to Ribosomes
Hans Trachsel
Excerpt       PDF     (113-138)
5 Protein Kinases That Phosphorylate eIF2 and eIF2B, and Their Role in Eukaryotic Cell Translational Control
Michael J. Clemens
Excerpt       PDF     (139-172)
6 Translational Control Mediated by Upstream AUG Codons
Adam P. Geballe
Excerpt       PDF     (173-197)
7 Translational Control of GCN4: Gene-specific Regulation by Phosphorylation of elF2
Alan G. Hinnebusch
Excerpt       PDF     (199-244)
8 mRNA 5′ Cap-binding Protein elF4E and Control of Cell Growth
Nahum Sonenberg
Excerpt       PDF     (245-269)
9 Translational Control during Heat Shock
Roger F. Duncan
Excerpt       PDF     (271-293)
10 Regulation of Protein Synthesis by Calcium
Angus C. Nairn, H. Clive Palfrey
Excerpt       PDF     (295-318)
11 Masked and Translatable Messenger Ribonucleoproteins in Higher Eukaryotes
Alexander S. Spirin
Excerpt       PDF     (319-334)
12 Translational Control of Ferritin
Tracey A. Rouault, Richard D. Klausner, Joe B. Harford
Excerpt       PDF     (335-362)
13 Translational Control of Ribosomal Protein mRNAs in Eukaryotes
Oded Meyuhas, Dror Avni, Silvian Shama
Excerpt       PDF     (363-364)
14 Ribosomal Protein S6 Phosphorylation and Signal Transduction
Harold B.J. Jefferies, George Thomas
Excerpt       PDF     (389-409)
15 Translational Control of Developmental Decisions
Marvin Wickens, Judith Kimble, Sidney Strickland
Excerpt       PDF     (411-450)
16 Poly(A) Metabolism and Translation: The Closed-loop Model
Allan Jacobson
Excerpt       PDF     (451-480)
17 Dynamics of Poly(A) Addition and Removal during Development
Joel D. Richter
Excerpt       PDF     (481-503)
18 Interactions between Viruses and the Cellular Machinery for Protein Synthesis
Michael B. Mathews
Excerpt       PDF     (505-548)
19 Initiation of Translation by Picornavirus RNAs
Ellie Ehrenfeld
Excerpt       PDF     (549-573)
20 Adenovirus and Vaccinia Virus Translational Control
Robert J. Schneider
Excerpt       PDF     (575-605)
21 Translational Control in Cells Infected with Influenza Virus and Reovirus
Michael G. Katze
Excerpt       PDF     (607-630)
22 Translationally Coupled Degradation of mRNA in Eukaryotes
Nicholas G. Theodorakis, Don W. Cleveland
Excerpt       PDF     (631-652)
23 Regulatory Recoding
John F. Atkins, Raymond F. Gesteland
Excerpt       PDF     (653-684)
24 Mammalian Ribosomes: The Structure and the Evolution of the Proteins
Ira G. Wool, Yuen-Ling Chan, Anton Glück
Excerpt       PDF     (685-732)
25 Genetics of Mitochondrial Translation
Thomas D. Fox
Excerpt       PDF     (733-758)
26 Control of Translation Initiation in Prokaryotes
Harry O. Voorma
Excerpt       PDF     (759-777)
Excerpt       PDF     (779-794)