Nucleases, 2nd ed. (1993, Volume 25)

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The 1982 publication Nucleases was the first book to survey this diverse and important group of enzymes. The new edition has been completely revised and updated. It provides a comprehensive review of all classes of nuclease, their modes of action and biological significance. The book is an invaluable source of information for investigators of DNA replication, recombination and repair and RNA processing, and for everyone interested in the rational use of nucleases as research reagents.

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
Stuart M. Linn, R. Stephen Lloyd, Richard J. Roberts
Excerpt       PDF     (i-viii)
1 Mechanistic Principles of Enzyme-catalyzed Cleavage of Phosphodiester Bonds
John A. Gerlt
Excerpt       PDF     (1-34)
2 Type II Restriction Endonucleases
Richard J. Roberts, Stephen E. Halford
Excerpt       PDF     (35-88)
3 The ATP-dependent Restriction Enzymes
Thomas A. Bickle
Excerpt       PDF     (89-109)
4 Homing Endonucleases
John E. Mueller, Mary Bryk, Nick Loizos, Marlene Belfort
Excerpt       PDF     (111-143)
5 The Nucleases of Genetic Recombination
Stephen C. West
Excerpt       PDF     (145-169)
6 Fungal and Mitochondrial Nucleases
Murray J. Fraser, Robert L. Low
Excerpt       PDF     (171-207)
7 DNA Topoisomerases
Tao-Shih Hsieh
Excerpt       PDF     (209-234)
8 Proofreading Exonucleases: Error Correction during DNA Replication
Myron F. Goodman, Linda B. Bloom
Excerpt       PDF     (235-262)
9 Nucleases Involved in DNA Repair
R. Stephen Lloyd, Stuart Linn
Excerpt       PDF     (263-316)
10 Artificial Nucleases
Dehua Pei, Peter G. Schultz
Excerpt       PDF     (317-340)
11 Ribonucleases H
Zdenek Hostomsky, Zuzana Hostomska, David A. Matthews
Excerpt       PDF     (341-376)
12 RNA Maturation Nucleases
Murray P. Deutscher
Excerpt       PDF     (377-406)
13 Nucleases That Are RNA
Michael D. Been
Excerpt       PDF     (407-437)
APPENDIX A The Restriction Enzymes
Richard J. Roberts, Dana Macelis
Excerpt       PDF     (439-444)
APPENDIX B Some Well-characterized DNA-repair Nucleases/Glycosylases
R. Stephen Lloyd
Excerpt       PDF     (445-454)
APPENDIX C The Nucleases of Escherichia coli
Stuart Linn, Murray P. Deutscher
Excerpt       PDF     (455-468)
APPENDIX D Compilation of Commercially Available Nucleases
Ira Schildkraut
Excerpt       PDF     (469-483)
Excerpt       PDF     (485-499)