Stress Proteins in Biology and Medicine (1990, Volume 19)

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Preface/Front Matter
R. I. Morimoto, A. Tissières, C. Georgopoulos
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1 The Stress Response, Function of the Proteins, and Perspectives
Richard I. Morimoto, Alfred Tissières, Costa Georgopoulos
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2 Physiological Adjustments to Fluctuating Thermal Environments: An Ecological and Evolutionary Perspective
Raymond B. Huey, Albert F. Bennett
Excerpt       PDF     (37-59)
3 The Febrile Response
Matthew J. Kluger
Excerpt       PDF     (61-78)
4 Thermotolerance, Thermoresistance, and Thermosensitization
George M. Hahn, Gloria C. Li
Excerpt       PDF     (79-100)
5 Hyperthermia in Cancer Therapy: Model Systems
Mark W. Dewhirst
Excerpt       PDF     (101-116)
6 Hyperthermia in Combination with Radiation in the Treatment of Cancers
Mitsuyuki Abe, Masahiro Hiraoka
Excerpt       PDF     (117-129)
7 Stress Proteins and Infectious Diseases
Douglas B. Young, Angela Mehlert, Deborah F. Smith
Excerpt       PDF     (131-165)
8 The Function and Regulation of Heat Shock Proteins in Escherichia coli
Carol A. Gross, David B. Straus, James W. Erickson, Takashi Yura
Excerpt       PDF     (167-189)
9 Properties of the Escherichia coli Heat Shock Proteins and Their Role in Bacteriophage λ Growth
Costa Georgopoulos, Debbie Ang, Krzysztof Liberek, Maciej Zylicz
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10 The Mammalian Stress Response: Cell Physiology and Biochemistry of Stress Proteins
William J. Welch
Excerpt       PDF     (223-278)
11 Role of hsp70 in Translocation of Proteins across Membranes
Elizabeth A. Craig
Excerpt       PDF     (279-286)
12 Functions of the hsp70 Protein Family: An Overview
Hugh R.B. Pelham
Excerpt       PDF     (287-299)
13 Regulation and Function of the HSP70 Multigene Family of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Elizabeth A. Craig
Excerpt       PDF     (301-321)
14 Expression and Function of Vertebrate hsp70 Genes
Richard I. Morimoto, Kim L Milarski
Excerpt       PDF     (323-359)
15 Developmental Expression of the Heat Shock Genes in Drosophila melanogaster
Daniel Pauli, Alfred Tissières
Excerpt       PDF     (361-378)
16 Posttranscriptional Regulation of Heat Shock Protein Synthesis in Drosophila
H. Joseph Yost, Robert B. Petersen, Susan Lindquist
Excerpt       PDF     (379-409)
17 Modular Units of Heat Shock Regulatory Regions: Structure and Function
John T. Lis, Hua Xiao, Olga Perisic
Excerpt       PDF     (411-428)
18 Transcriptional Regulation of Heat Shock Genes
Carl Wu, Vincenzo Zimarino, Charles Tsal, Barbara Walker, Susan Wilson
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Subject Index
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