RNA Tumor Viruses: Molecular Biology of Tumor Viruses, 2nd Ed. (1982, Volume 10C)

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Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
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1 Origins of Contemporary RNA Tumor Virus Research
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2 Taxonomy of Retroviruses
Natalie Teich
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3 Experimental Biology and Assay of Retroviruses
Robin Weiss
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4 Structure of the Retroviral Genome
John Coffin
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5 Replication of Retroviruses
Harold Varmus, Ronald Swanstrom
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6 Protein Biosynthesis and Assembly
Clive Dickson, Robert Eisenman, Hung Fan, Eric Hunter, Natalie Teich
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7 Genetics of Retroviruses
Maxine Linial, Donald Blair
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8 Pathogenesis of Retrovirus-induced Disease
Natalie Teich, John Wyke, Tak Mak, Alan Bernstein, William Hardy
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9 Functions and Origins of Retroviral Transforming Genes
J. Michael Bishop, Harold Varmus
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10 Endogenous Viruses
John Coffin
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11 The Search for Human RNA Tumor Viruses
Robin Weiss
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APPENDIX A Nomenclature
Stephen Hughes
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APPENDIX B Restriction Maps of Representative Retroviral Proviruses and Cellular Oncogenes
Stephen Hughes
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Stephen Hughes
Excerpt       PDF     (1317-1319)
APPENDIX D Sequences of Retroviral LTRs
Stephen Hughes
Excerpt       PDF     (1321-1336)
APPENDIX E Complete Nucleotide Sequences of Three Retroviral Genomes and a Cellular onc Gene
Stephen Hughes
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APPENDIX F Amino Acid Sequences of Retroviral Structural Proteins
Stephen Hughes
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