Transfer RNA: Structure, Properties, and Recognition (1979, Volume 09A)

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Preface/Front Matter
Paul R. Schimmel, Dieter Söll, John N. Abelson
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Recent Developments in tRNA Sequencing Methods as Applied to Analyses of Mitochondrial tRNAs
Uttam L. Rajbhandary, Joyce E. Heckman, Samuel Yin, Birgit Alzner-Deweerd, Eric Ackerman
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The Primary Structure of tRNAs and Their Rare Nucleosides
Guy Dirheimer, Gerard Keith, Annie-Paule Sibler, Robert Pierre Martin
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[3H]Borohydride: A Versatile Reagent for the Analysis of tRNA—Methods and Applications
Kurt Randerath, Ramesh C. Gupta, Erika Randerath
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Modified Nucleosides in tRNA
Susumu Nishimura
Excerpt       PDF     (59-79)
Crystal Structure of Yeast tRNAphe and General Structural Features of Other tRNAs
Sung-Hou Kim
Excerpt       PDF     (83-100)
Recent Progress in tRNA Structural Analysis
Alexander Rich, Gary J. Quigley, Martha M. Teeter, Arnaud Ducruix, Nancy Woo
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The Structure, Conformation, and Interaction of tRNA
Muttaiya Sundaralingam
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A Crystallographic Analysis of Yeast Initiator tRNA
Richard W. Schevitz, Alberto D. Podjarny, Narasimhan Krishnamachari, John J. Hughes, Paul B. Sigler
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The Structure of Baker’s Yeast tRNAGly: A Second tRNA Conformation
H. Tonie Wright, Philip C. Manor, Karin Beurling, Richard L. Karpel, Jacques R. Fresco
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Physical Studies of tRNA in Solution
Donald M. Crothers
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High-resolution NMR Studies on tRNA Structure in Solution
Brian R. Reid, Ralph E. Hurd
Excerpt       PDF     (177-190)
Proton FT NMR Studies of tRNA Structure and Dynamics
Paul D. Johnston, Alfred G. Redfield
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Effects of Aminoacylation and Solution Conditions on the Structure of tRNA
Russell O. Potts, Chun-Chen Wang, David C. Fritzinger, Norman C. Ford, Jr., Maurille J. Fournier
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Structural Studies of Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases
Brian S. Hartley
Excerpt       PDF     (223-234)
Molecular Enzymology of Beef Pancreas Tryptophanyl-tRNA Synthetase
Lev L. Kisselev, Ol’ga O. Favorova, Galina K. Kovaleva
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Editing Mechanisms in the Aminoacylation of tRNA
Alan R. Fersht
Excerpt       PDF     (247-254)
The Tryptophanyl- and Tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetases from Bacillus stearothermophilus
Greg Winter, Gordon L. E. Koch, Anne Dell, Brian S. Hartley
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Mechanism of Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases: Recognition and Proofreading Processes
Friedrich Cramer, Friedrich Von Der Haar, Gabor L. Igloi
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Methionyl-tRNA Synthetase from Escherichia coli: Structure-Function Relationships of a Dimeric Enzyme with Repeated Sequences
Sylvain Blanquet, Philippe Dessen, Guy Fayat
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Similarities in the Structural Organization of Complexes of tRNAs with Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases and the Mechanism of Recognition
Paul R. Schimmel
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Chemical Approaches to the Study of Protein-tRNA Recognition
Ladonne H. Schulman
Excerpt       PDF     (311-324)
Interaction between tRNA and Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase in the Valine and Phenylalanine Systems from Yeast
Jean-Pierre Ebel, Michel Renaud, André Dietrich, Franco Fasiolo, Gérard Keith, Olga O. Favorova, Slava Vassilenko, Mireille Baltzinger, Ricardo Ehrlich, Pierre Remy, Jacques Bonnet, Richard Giegé
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2′-OH vs 3′-OH Specificity in tRNA Aminoacylation
Sidney M. Hecht
Excerpt       PDF     (345-360)
tRNA-Ribosome Interactions
Charles R. Cantor
Excerpt       PDF     (363-392)
Ribosome Structure and tRNA Binding Sites
James A. Lake
Excerpt       PDF     (393-411)
Affinity Labeling of tRNA Binding Sites on Ribosomes
Ernst Kuechler, James Ofengand
Excerpt       PDF     (413-444)
Studies on tRNA Conformation and Ribosome Interaction with Fluorescent tRNA Derivatives
Wolfgang Wintermeyer, James M. Robertson, Hermann Weidner, Hans G. Zachau
Excerpt       PDF     (445-457)
Codon-induced Structural Transitions in tRNA
Achim Möller, Ulrike Manderschied, Rolf Lipecky, Sabine Bertram, Marion Schmitt, Hans Günter Gassen
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Role of the 2′, 3′-Isomerization of Aminoacyl-tRNA during Ribosomal Protein Synthesis
Mathias Sprinzl, Thomas Wagner
Excerpt       PDF     (473-485)
Analogs of Lysyl-tRNA as Probes of Ribosome and Elongation Factor Tu Structure and Function
Arthur E. Johnson
Excerpt       PDF     (487-499)
The Relationship of the Accuracy of Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthesis to That of Translation
Michael Yarus
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APPENDIX I: Proposed Numbering System of Nucleotides in tRNAs Based on Yeast tRNAPhe
Dieter H. Gauss, Franz Grüter, Mathias Sprinzl
Excerpt       PDF     (518-545)
APPENDIX II Structures of Modified Nucleosides Found in tRNA
Susumu Nishimura
Excerpt       PDF     (547-549)
APPENDIX III Chromatographic Mobilities of Modified Nucleotides
Susumu Nishimura
Excerpt       PDF     (551-552)
APPENDIX IV Characteristics of Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases
Dieter Söll, Paul R. Schimmel
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