RNA Phages (1975, Volume 05)

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Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
Norton D. Zinder
Excerpt       PDF     (i-viii)
1 Physical Properties of RNA Bacteriophages and Their RNA
Helga Boedtker, Raymond F. Gesteland
Excerpt       PDF     (1-28)
2 Genetic Studies of RNA Phages
Kensuke Horiuchi
Excerpt       PDF     (29-50)
3 Proteins of the RNA Phages
Klaus Weber, William Konigsberg
Excerpt       PDF     (51-84)
4 Attachment, Ejection and Penetration Stages of the RNA Phage Infectious Process
William Paranchych
Excerpt       PDF     (85-112)
5 Functions of Replicating RNA in Cells Infected by RNA Bacteriophages
Hugh D. Robertson
Excerpt       PDF     (113-145)
6 Morphogenesis of RNA Phages
Peter Knolle, Thomas Hohn
Excerpt       PDF     (147-201)
7 Structure and Function of the Qβ RNA Replicase
Robert I. Kamen
Excerpt       PDF     (203-234)
8 Replicase of the Phage f2
Nina Fedoroff
Excerpt       PDF     (235-258)
9 Protein Factors Required for the Replication of Phage Qβ RNA In Vitro
Ching-Hung Kuo, Lillian Eoyang, J. Thomas August
Excerpt       PDF     (259-277)
10 Bacteriophage RNA as Template for In Vitro Protein Synthesis
Mario R. Capecchi, Robert E. Webster
Excerpt       PDF     (279-299)
11 Regulation of In Vitro Protein Synthesis by Bacteriophage RNA by RNA Tertiary Structure
Harvey F. Lodish
Excerpt       PDF     (301-318)
12 Ribosome Recognition of Initiator Regions in the RNA Bacteriophage Genome
Joan Argetsinger Steitz
Excerpt       PDF     (319-352)
13 Chemical Structure and Biological Activity of Bacteriophage MS2 RNA
Walter Fiers
Excerpt       PDF     (353-396)
14 RNA Phages of Bacteria Other Than E. coli
Lucille Shapiro, Ina Bendis
Excerpt       PDF     (397-410)
Name Index
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Subject Index
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