The Bacteriophage Lambda (1971, Volume 02)

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Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
A. D. Hershey
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Chapter 1 Introduction to Lambda
A. D. Hershey, William Dove
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Chapter 2 Genetic Structure
Allan Campbell
Excerpt       PDF     (13-44)
Chapter 3 Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Lambda DNA
Norman Davidson, Waclaw Szybalski
Excerpt       PDF     (45-82)
Chapter 4 Host-controlled Variation
Werner Arber
Excerpt       PDF     (83-96)
Chapter 5 Making and Joining DNA Ends
Michael B. Yarmolinsky
Excerpt       PDF     (97-111)
Chapter 6 Prophage Insertion and Excision
Max E. Gottesman, Robert A. Weisberg
Excerpt       PDF     (113-138)
Chapter 7 General Recombination
Ethan Signer
Excerpt       PDF     (139-174)
Chapter 8 Illegitimate Recombination
Naomi C. Franklin
Excerpt       PDF     (175-194)
Chapter 9 Lambda DNA Replication
Dale Kaiser
Excerpt       PDF     (195-210)
Chapter 10 Control Circuits
R. Thomas
Excerpt       PDF     (211-220)
Chapter 11 Repressor and Its Action
Mark Ptashne
Excerpt       PDF     (221-237)
Chapter 12 Regulation of Repressor Synthesis
Harvey Eisen, Mark Ptashne
Excerpt       PDF     (239-245)
Chapter 13 Regulation of Lytic Development
H. Echols
Excerpt       PDF     (247-270)
Chapter 14 Structure and Assembly of Phage Particles
E. Kellenberger, R. S. Edgar
Excerpt       PDF     (271-295)
Chapter 15 Biological Inferences
William F. Dove
Excerpt       PDF     (297-312)
Heteroduplexes of DNA Molecules of Lambdoid Phages: Physical Mapping of Their Base Sequence Relationships by Electron Microscopy
Martha N. Simon, Ronald W. Davis, Norman Davidson
Excerpt       PDF     (313-328)
Electron Micrographic Mapping of Deletions, Insertions, Inversions, and Homologies in the DNAs of Coliphages Lambda and Phi 80
Michael Fiandt, Zdenka Hradecna, Homer A. Lozeron, Waclaw Szybalski
Excerpt       PDF     (329-354)
Identification of Proteins Coded in Phage Lambda
Roger W. Hendrix
Excerpt       PDF     (355-370)
Defective Lambda Particles Whose DNA Carries Only a Single Cohesive End
John W. Little, Max Gottesman
Excerpt       PDF     (371-394)
Purification of Proteins Determined by Two Nonessential Genes in Lambda
Frederick Ausubel, Paul Voynow, Ethan Signer, Jette Mistry
Excerpt       PDF     (395-405)
Recombination in Bacteriophage Lambda I. Exchange of DNA Promoted by Phage and Bacterial Recombination Mechanisms
Grete Kellenberger-Gujer, Robert A. Weisberg
Excerpt       PDF     (407-415)
Recombination in Bacteriophage Lambda II. The Mechanism of General Recombination
Grete Kellenberger-Gujer
Excerpt       PDF     (417-430)
DNA Synthesis Associated with Recombination I. Recombination in a DNA-negative Host
Mary M. Stahl, Franklin W. Stahl
Excerpt       PDF     (431-442)
DNA Synthesis Associated with Recombination II. Recombination between Repressed Chromosomes
Franklin W. Stahl, Mary M. Stahl
Excerpt       PDF     (443-453)
The Role of Recombination in Growth of Bacteriophage Lambda I. The Gamma Gene
James Zissler, Ethan Signer, Fred Schaefer
Excerpt       PDF     (455-468)
The Role of Recombination in Growth of Bacteriophage Lambda II. Inhibition of Growth by Prophage P2
James Zissler, Ethan Signer, Fred Schaefer
Excerpt       PDF     (469-475)
Lambda att2: a Transducing Phage Capable of Intramolecular int-xis Promoted Recombination
Marc Shulman, Max Gottesman
Excerpt       PDF     (477-487)
The Stability of Int and Xis Functions
Robert A. Weisberg, Max E. Gottesman
Excerpt       PDF     (489-500)
Tandem Genetic Duplications in a Derivative of Phage Lambda
A. J. D. Bellett, H. G. Busse, R. L. Baldwin
Excerpt       PDF     (501-513)
Origin and Bidirectional Orientation of DNA Replication in Coliphage Lambda
Willem F. Stevens, Sankar Adhya, Waclaw Szybalski
Excerpt       PDF     (515-533)
Origin of DNA Concatemers during Growth
A. Skalka
Excerpt       PDF     (535-547)
Functional Cooperation of Genes O and P
Jun-ichi Tomizawa
Excerpt       PDF     (549-552)
Escherichia coli Mutants Blocked in Lambda DNA Synthesis
C. P. Georgopoulos, I. Herskowitz
Excerpt       PDF     (553-564)
Supervirulent Mutants and the Structure of Operator and Promoter
George W. Ordal
Excerpt       PDF     (565-570)
Genetics of Virulence
Nancy Hopkins, Mark Ptashne
Excerpt       PDF     (571-574)
The Mechanisms of Lambda Virulence II. Regulatory Mutations in Classical Virulence
William S. Sly, Karen Rabideau, Alan Kolber
Excerpt       PDF     (575-588)
Negative Regulation by Lambda: Repression of Lambda RNA Synthesis in Vitro and Host Enzyme Synthesis in Vivo
A. M. Wu, S. Ghosh, M. Willard, J. Davison, H. Echols
Excerpt       PDF     (589-598)
Deletion Mapping of the Site of Action of the tof Gene Product
Janice Pero
Excerpt       PDF     (599-608)
The Genetics of the Anti-immune Phenotype of Defective Lambda Lysogens
E. Calef, A. Avitabile, L. Del Giudice, C. Marchelli, T. Menna, Z. Neubauer, A. Soller
Excerpt       PDF     (609-620)
The N Operon of Lambda: Extent and Regulation as Observed in Fusions to the Tryptophan Operon of Escherichia coli
Naomi C. Franklin
Excerpt       PDF     (621-638)
A Bacterial Mutation Affecting N Function
C. P. Georgopoulos
Excerpt       PDF     (639-645)
Kinetics of Viral Transcription after Induction of Prophage
Philippe Kourilsky, Marie-France Bourguignon, François Gros
Excerpt       PDF     (647-666)
Regulation in Phage with Duplications of the Immunity Region
Douglas E. Berg
Excerpt       PDF     (667-678)
Lysogenization by Lambda Lacking Repressor and N Function
M. Lieb
Excerpt       PDF     (679-690)
Gene N and Membrane Association of Lambda DNA
Yoshimasa Sakakibara, Jun-ichi Tomizawa
Excerpt       PDF     (691-699)
The Role of Helper Phage in gal Transduction
H. Echols, D. Court
Excerpt       PDF     (701-710)
The Morphogenesis of Bacteriophage Lambda III. Identification of Genes Specifying Morphogenetic Proteins
Helios Murialdo, Louis Siminovitch
Excerpt       PDF     (711-723)
The Morphogenesis of the Phage Lambda Head: the Step Controlled by Gene F
Sherwood Casjens
Excerpt       PDF     (725-732)
A Bacterial Mutant Affecting Lambda Development
David I. Friedman
Excerpt       PDF     (733-738)
A Mutant of Escherichia coli That Is Lysogenized with High Frequency
Marlene Belfort, Daniel L. Wulff
Excerpt       PDF     (739-742)
The Role of Gene S
Sankar Adhya, Arup Sen, Sankar Mitra
Excerpt       PDF     (743-746)
Replication Control in Phage Lambda
William F. Dove, Hachiro Inokuchi, Willem F. Stevens
Excerpt       PDF     (747-771)
A. D. Hershey
Excerpt       PDF     (773-777)
Lambda Genetic Elements
Excerpt       PDF     (778-779)
Excerpt       PDF     (781-792)