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APPENDIX I A Molecular Map of Coliphage Lambda

Donna L. Daniels, John L. Schroeder, Waclaw Szybalski, Fred Sanger, Frederick R. Blattner


The molecular map of λ is presented in the following sections:

Figure 1 is a scale drawing of the λ map.

Table 1 presents our tabulation of all the sites on the λ map. Listed are the names of all mapped sites (columns A and E), their base-pair coordinates on the 5′–3′ l strand of λ DNA (column C), four-character symbols used by the computer for sequence annotation in Appendix II (column D), a description of the site (columns F and H), and the method of localization on the map (column G). Restriction sites that have been mapped experimentally are shown in column A. All other sites are specified in column E.

Table 2 lists the published sources of λ DNA sequence.

Table 3 shows the sources of mapping information for sites other than genes.

Table 4 shows the sources of mapping information for protein-coding genes and open reading frames (orfs).

Appendix II presents the complete sequence of λ with all mapping information.

The sources of information used to compile the molecular map of phage λ DNA areThe complete nucleotide sequence of λ. Various groups have sequenced regions of different strains of λ. This information has been collated, and sequences have been compared from all sources to determine overlaps and discrepancies. This information forms eight “sequence blocks,” which are indicated in Table 1 (column B) by ditto marks enclosed by the symbols ▿ and ▵. Within these blocks are only four unresolved discrepancies (single base-pair changes).

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