Invertebrate Neurobiology (2007, Volume 49)

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Capturing the current excitement in the field of invertebrate neurobiology, this timely monograph integrates all levels of invertebrate nervous systems-from neurogenetics and molecular neurobiology to neurophysiology and neuroethology. Discussions reflect the impressive diversity of invertebrates in the natural world-both model and non-model species-and illustrate not only molecular and cellular mechanisms of neural function, but also higher-level circuits and systems. An emphasis is placed on the investigation of behavior, as well as evolutionary aspects of nervous systems-the emerging "evo-neuro" field. The book also addresses the universality of brain mechanisms and cognitive features, and discusses what vertebrate systems may learn from invertebrates.

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
Geoffrey North
Excerpt       PDF     (i-xii)
1 Searching for Insight: Using Invertebrate Nervous Systems to Illuminate Fundamental Principles in Neuroscience
Eve Marder
Excerpt       PDF     (1-18)
2 Circuit-breaking and Behavioral Analysis by Molecular Genetic Manipulation of Neural Activity in Drosophila
Todd C. Holmes, Vasu Sheeba, Doğukan Mizrak, Bálint Rubovszky, David Dahdal
Excerpt       PDF     (19-52)
3 Electrophysiology and Optophysiology of Complex Brain Functions in Insects
Randolf Menzel
Excerpt       PDF     (53-78)
4 Olfactory/Gustatory Processing
Leslie B. Vosshall
Excerpt       PDF     (79-100)
5 Optic Flow Processing in the Cockpit of the Fly
Alexander Borst, Juergen Haag
Excerpt       PDF     (101-122)
6 Ommatidial Adaptations for Spatial, Spectral, and Polarization Vision in Arthropods
Eric Warrant, Almut Kelber, Rikard Frederiksen
Excerpt       PDF     (123-154)
7 Auditory Systems in Insects
Daniel Robert, Ronald R. Hoy
Excerpt       PDF     (155-184)
8 Mechanosensory Regulation of Invertebrate Motor Systems
Dawn M. Blitz, Michael P. Nusbaum
Excerpt       PDF     (185-208)
9 The Neuromechanics of Fly Flight Control
Mark A. Frye
Excerpt       PDF     (209-227)
10 Insect Walking: From Reduced Preparations to Natural Terrain
Roy E. Ritzmann, Ansgar Büschges
Excerpt       PDF     (229-250)
11 Invertebrate Central Pattern Generators
Paul S. Katz, Scott L. Hooper
Excerpt       PDF     (251-279)
12 Invertebrate Cognition: Nonelemental Learning beyond Simple Conditioning
Martin Giurfa
Excerpt       PDF     (281-308)
13 Memories of Worms and Flies: From Gene to Behavior
Catharine Rankin, Josh Dubnau
Excerpt       PDF     (309-346)
14 Simple Minds: The Neurobiology of Invertebrate Learning and Memory
David L. Glanzman
Excerpt       PDF     (347-380)
15 Going Wild: Toward an Ecology of Visual Information Processing
Jochen Zeil, Norbert Boeddeker, Jan M. Hemmi, Wolfgang Stürzl
Excerpt       PDF     (381-403)
16 Elements of Courtship Behavior in Drosophila
Jean-Francois Ferveur
Excerpt       PDF     (405-435)
17 Foraging in Flies and Worms
Mario De Bono, Marla B. Sokolowski
Excerpt       PDF     (437-466)
18 Spatial Aspects of Foraging in Ants and Bees
Matthew Collett, Thomas S. Collett
Excerpt       PDF     (467-502)
19 Circadian Rhythms and Sleep
Amita Sehgal, Ravi Allada
Excerpt       PDF     (503-532)
20 Behavioral Choice
William Kristan, Rhanor Gillette
Excerpt       PDF     (533-553)
21 Neuroendocrinology of Eclosion
John Ewer
Excerpt       PDF     (555-579)
22 Evolution of Excitability in Lower Metazoans
Robert W. Meech, George O. Mackie
Excerpt       PDF     (581-615)
23 Evolution of Behavioral Genes
Rodolfo Costa, Federica Sandrelli, Charalambos P. Kyriacou
Excerpt       PDF     (617-646)
Afterword Universality and Brain Mechanisms
Ralph J. Greenspan
Excerpt       PDF     (647-649)
Excerpt       PDF     (651-665)