RNA Structure and Function (1998, Volume 35)

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The striking functional versatility of RNA is attributable to its remarkable capacity for conformational change. Current models of RNA synthesis, its maturation, translation, and degradation are all based on specific structures and there is growing appreciation of the functional importance of interactions between RNA and RNA-binding proteins. This book identifies the major intellectual and technical advances in understanding the part played by structure in how RNA works. It encompasses the experimental approaches used to define RNA structure and its influence on RNA functions such as transcription termination, catalysis, recoding, and translational control. Investigators with these interests and students of molecular biology will find this volume a thoroughly up-to-date, provocative survey of a rapidly advancing field and a valuable complement to the recent, highly successful Cold Spring Harbor monograph The RNA World.

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
R.W. Simons, M. Grunberg-Manago
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From DNA Melting Profiles to tRNA Crystals and RNA Chaperones: How the Secondary and Tertiary Structures of Ribonucleic Acids Were Discovered—A Personal Recollection
Jacques R. Fresco
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Modeling the Tertiary Structure of RNA
Robert Cedergren, François Major
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Probing RNA Structure and Function in Solution
Hervé Moine, Bernard Ehresmann, Chantal Ehresmann, Pascale Romby
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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of RNA
Elisabetta Viani Puglisi, Joseph Daniel Puglisi
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Crystallographic Analysis of RNA Structure
Stephen R. Holbrook
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Inferring RNA Structure by Phylogenetic and Genetic Analyses
François Michel, Maria Costa
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Directed Evolutionary Descriptions of Natural RNA Structures
Scott Baskerville, Dan Frank, Andrew D. Ellington
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Ribosomal RNA
Harry F. Noller
Excerpt       PDF     (253-278)
RNA-RNA Interactions in Nuclear Pre-mRNA Splicing
Timothy W. Nilsen
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Structure and Catalytic Function of the Bacterial Ribonuclease P Ribozyme
Michael E. Harris, Daniel N. Frank, Norman R. Pace
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Small Ribozymes
Snorri Th. Sigurdsson, James B. Thomson, Fritz Eckstein
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RNA Mimicry in the Translational Apparatus
Mathias Springer, Claude Portier, Marianne Grunberg-Manago
Excerpt       PDF     (377-413)
Pseudoknots, RNA Folding, and Translational Regulation
David E. Draper, Thomas C. Gluick, Paula J. Schlax
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Antisense RNA Structure and Function
Brian N. Zeiler, Robert W. Simons
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tRNA/Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Interactions
John G. Arnez, Dino Moras
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Translational Control by mRNA Structure In Eubacteria: Molecular Biology and Physical Chemistry
Maarten H. De Smit
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RNA Structure in Transcription Elongation, Termination, and Antitermination
Terry Platt
Excerpt       PDF     (541-574)
RNA Structure and Function in Cellular Iron Homeostasis
Joe B. Harford, Tracey A. Rouault
Excerpt       PDF     (575-602)
RNA Structures Involved in Selenoprotein Synthesis
Alexander Hüttenhofer, August Böck
Excerpt       PDF     (603-639)
Role of RNA Structure in RNA Editing
Gregory J. Connell, Larry Simpson
Excerpt       PDF     (641-667)
Telomerase RNA Structure and Function
Elizabeth H. Blackburn
Excerpt       PDF     (669-693)
RNA Ligases: Function, Mechanism, and Sequence Conservation
Eric A. Arn, John Abelson
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