Oxidative Stress and the Molecular Biology of Antioxidant Defenses (1997, Volume 34)

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The increase in levels of active oxygen species or free radicals known as oxidative stress induces lesions that impair or kill cells and initiate disease and degenerative processes such as aging, carcinogenesis, and immunodeficiencies. Protective mechanisms have been uncovered in both eukaryotes and prokaryotes and are being vigorously studied at a molecular level, assisting the search for ways of reducing or avoiding oxidative stress. Written and edited by leaders in this growing field, this volume is an essential work of reference for specialists and investigators with wider interests in cell biology, aging, and cancer biology.

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
J.G. Scandalios
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The Oxygen Paradox: Biochemistry of Active Oxygen
Nils Hauptmann, Enrique Cadenas
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Mediation of Signal Transduction by Oxidants
Michael S. Wolin, Kamal M. Mohazzab-H.
Excerpt       PDF     (21-48)
Oxidative Damage to DNA and Its Repair
Susan S. Wallace
Excerpt       PDF     (49-90)
Transcriptional Regulators of Oxidative Stress Responses
Derek J. Jamieson, Gisela Storz
Excerpt       PDF     (91-115)
Redox Regulation by the HIV-1 Tat Transcriptional Factor
Sonia C. Flores, Joe M. McCord
Excerpt       PDF     (117-138)
Reactive Oxygen and Apoptosis
Dietmar Fuchs, Gabriele Baier-Bitterlich, Irene Wede, Helmut Wachter
Excerpt       PDF     (139-167)
Oxidative Stress in Mitochondria
Christoph Richter, Matthias Schweizer
Excerpt       PDF     (169-200)
Oxidants, Antioxidants, and Aging
Kenneth B. Beckman, Bruce N. Ames
Excerpt       PDF     (201-246)
Oxidative Stress, Gene Expression, and the Aging Process
Kathryn Z. Guyton, Myriam Gorospe, Nikki J. Holbrook
Excerpt       PDF     (247-272)
Bacterial Catalases
Peter C. Loewen
Excerpt       PDF     (273-308)
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology of Yeast and Fungal Catalases
Helmut Ruis, Franz Koller
Excerpt       PDF     (309-342)
Catalases in Plants: Gene Structure, Properties, Regulation, and Expression
John G. Scandalios, Lingqiang Guan, Alexios N. Polidoros
Excerpt       PDF     (343-406)
Structure of Catalases
Jerónimo Bravo, Ignacio Fita, Patrice Gouet, Hélène Marie Jouve, William Melik-Adamyan, Garib N. Murshudov
Excerpt       PDF     (407-445)
Superoxide Dismutases in Bacteria and Pathogen Protists
Danièle Touati
Excerpt       PDF     (447-493)
Superoxide Dismutase: Studies in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Edith Butler Gralla
Excerpt       PDF     (495-525)
Molecular Genetics of Superoxide Dismutases in Plants
John G. Scandalios
Excerpt       PDF     (527-568)
Superoxide Dismutase and Oxidative Stress in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Robert H. Brown, Jr.
Excerpt       PDF     (569-586)
Oxygen Metabolism and Electron Transport in Photosynthesis
Christine H. Foyer
Excerpt       PDF     (587-621)
Defense against Photooxidative Damage in Plants
Andrea Polle
Excerpt       PDF     (623-666)
Glutathione Reductase: Regulation and Role in Oxidative Stress
Philip M. Mullineaux, Gary P. Creissen
Excerpt       PDF     (667-713)
The Role of Ascorbate Peroxidase and Monodehydroascorbate Reductase in H2O2 Scavenging in Plants
Kozi Asada
Excerpt       PDF     (715-735)
The NADPH Oxidase of Leukocytes: The Respiratory Burst Oxidase
Bernard M. Babior, Jamel El Benna, Stephen J. Chanock, Robert M. Smith
Excerpt       PDF     (737-783)
The Oxidative Burst: Roles in Signal Transduction and Plant Stress
Noriyuki Doke
Excerpt       PDF     (785-813)
Oxidative Burst-mediated Defense Responses in Plant Disease Resistance
María E. Alvarez, Chris Lamb
Excerpt       PDF     (815-839)
Free Radicals: Dietary Advantages and Disadvantages
Okezie I. Aruoma
Excerpt       PDF     (841-860)
Air Pollution and Free Radical Protection Responses of Plants
Alan R. Wellburn, Florence A. M. Wellburn
Excerpt       PDF     (861-876)
Excerpt       PDF     (877-890)