DNA Topology and Its Biological Effects (1990, Volume 20)

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Continuous changes occur in the coiling, supercoiling, and catenation of DNA molecules during gene transcription and cell division. The activity of DNA is thus heavily influenced by its topology, yet this influence is not widely appreciated or understood. This book explains the biological implications of DNA superstructure for readers who are presumed not to know higher mathematics. It is an introductory text, but not an elementary one, and will be valuable for molecular biologists at graduate student level and beyond.

Table of Contents

Preface/Front Matter
J.C. Wang, N.R. Cozzarelli
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1 New Approaches to DNA in the Crystal and in Solution
Horace R. Drew, Maxine J. McCall, Chris R. Calladine
Excerpt       PDF     (1-56)
2 Bending of DNA in Nucleoprotein Complexes
Andrew A. Travers, Aaron Klug
Excerpt       PDF     (57-106)
3 Protein-Protein Interactions and DNA Loop Formation
Ann Hochschild
Excerpt       PDF     (107-138)
4 Primer on the Topology and Geometry of DNA Supercoiling
Nicholas R. Cozzarelli, T. Christian Boles, James H. White
Excerpt       PDF     (139-184)
5 DNA Supercoiling and Unusual Structures
Maxim D. Frank-Kamenetskii
Excerpt       PDF     (185-215)
6 Mechanistic Aspects of Type-I Topoisomerases
James J. Champoux
Excerpt       PDF     (217-242)
7 Mechanistic Aspects of Type-II DNA Topoisomerases
Tao-Shih Hsieh
Excerpt       PDF     (243-263)
8 Virus-encoded DNA Topoisomerases
Wai Mun Huang
Excerpt       PDF     (265-284)
9 Reverse Gyrase and Other Archaebacterial Topoisomerases
Akihiko Kikuchi
Excerpt       PDF     (285-298)
10 Genetics of DNA Topoisomerases
Mitsuhiro Yanagida, Rolf Sternglanz
Excerpt       PDF     (299-320)
11 DNA Replication: Topological Aspects and the Roles of DNA Topoisomerases
James C. Wang, Leroy F. Liu
Excerpt       PDF     (321-340)
12 DNA Topoisomerase-mediated Illegitimate Recombination
Hideo Ikeda
Excerpt       PDF     (341-359)
13 DNA Topoisomerase Modification
N. Patrick Higgins, Ari M. Ferro, Baldomero M. Olivera
Excerpt       PDF     (361-370)
14 Anticancer Drugs That Convert DNA Topoisomerases into DNA Damaging Agents
Leroy F. Liu
Excerpt       PDF     (371-389)
15 DNA Topoisomerases in Clinical Oncology
Milan Potmesil, Robert Silber
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APPENDIX Nucleotide Sequences and the Encoded Amino Acids of DNA Topoisomerase Genes
Wai Mun Huang
Excerpt       PDF     (409-457)
Subject Index
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